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Freshly baked! 2017 German red dot design award lighting works

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  • Release on :2017-07-06
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3, 2017 German red dot product design awards ceremony was held in Essen, Germany (Essen) Alto theater (Aalto-Theater), red dot best design award winner in the event won the trophy.

According to statistics, a total of 54 countries from around the world, more than 5500 works to compete for this red dot product design awards, after the red dot 39 international review of the rigorous review, the final 1405 works won the "red dot (Red Dot: Winner), 102 works won the "Red Dot: Best of the Best" and 52 won Honourable Mention.

On the "lighting equipment and lighting" category, 87 won the "red dot award", 4 products were "Best Design Award", a product was "masterpiece." Online Jun on this finishing, to readers.

The Red Dot Best Design Award is the highest honor in designing all the awards for the product and is only awarded to the best design work in each product group.

1. Ameluna chandelier

Manufacturer: Italy Artemide S.p.A.
Design: Germany Mercedes-Benz Style, Daimler AG

Ameluna is a high-tech smart chandelier from Artemide and Mercedes-Benz, which utilizes the optical properties of the lamp body to turn the light source that goes up and down into a circular light band. Both light, but also shadow, light and shadow to make it like a moonlight quietly hanging in the air. The shape of the lamp body, then copy the style of sports cars, full of streamlined beauty, also move also quiet. Also worth mentioning is that this lamp itself does not set any switch or knob, replaced by a smart phone or tablet computer APP to control, from the light to the brightness of the lighting, can be used by the use of Free to adjust. And with the traditional atmosphere lights only a few different color choices, this Ameluna color adjustment is full color, and any of your favorite colors can be presented.

2. FEZ lamps

Manufacturer: Switzerland BALTENSWEILER
Design: Lukas Niederberger

FEZ lamps not only have a beautiful appearance, but also has versatility. FEZ S standard lamps are scalable to provide a wide range of settings, although only equipped with two LED light sources, but provide enough light to illuminate the entire room. The switch on the reflector can switch the lighting mode. The main switch is located on the stand and can be used as a dimmer. FEZ D There are two fine lines on top of the chandelier, which are free to adjust the height of the ceiling. It is also equipped with two LED light sources, one up and one down, which can be turned off or open by indirect switch on the reflector. FEZ design in an impressive way to achieve the basic concept of lighting and function.

3. Alphabet of Light (light alphabet) lighting system

Manufacturer: Italy Artemide S.p.A.
Design: Denmark BIG - Bjarke Ingels Group

Alphabet of Light is a lighting system designed by Artemide and designed by BIG Studios. A set of modular lighting components on top of several basic modules can create unique lights consisting of words and graphics. It uses straight lines or curves to write symbols, used to express different information. The components of this lighting system can be freely combined and connected together, due to the use of hidden electromagnetic connectors, so when the lighting will not produce shadows. Using a rare new method, the "light of the alphabet" issued a comfortable diffuse light, the lighting system showed a high degree of expression.

The red dot jury said: "The alphabet of light uses such a technique - by changing the literal symbols to make it completely different, this fascinating lighting system is defined as a private and public place Subway station) for the communication of the project, in the function and form of a perfect match, only some creative elements can generate eye-catching layout and other three-dimensional objects.

4. RISE lighting system

Manufacturer: United States EcoSense Lighting
Design: Robert Fletcher

The RISE lighting system provides new features through the use of state-of-the-art LED technology, and every detail of the system has been carefully designed to include a wide range of light platforms consisting of landscapes and floodlights. One of the most innovative is its patent-pending MACRO lock bracket, which provides 360 degree translation and 180 degree tilt angle from a single point of adjustment, as these products usually require multiple connectors to achieve full adjustment. In addition, an installation point can expand up to five fixtures while maintaining the respective beam angle and lumen output. The RISE lighting system is impressive by its unique, compact design and powerful technical features such as the five-beam angle and 300 to 11,000 lumens of light output.

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