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Four wheel drive has been opened, M.L.S. decide on what path to follow?

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  • Release on :2016-08-05
     Shenzhen Risen OPTO Co.,Ltd,led RGB light supplier in china,led outdoor lighting suppliers,led lamp fixtures supplier.
     LED industry for Linsen in 2015 in the domestic market to promote the "Sen war" is still fresh. With the establishment of the second half of 2015, our India branch company, officially to the world for his rawlinson. In fact, our vehicles as early as 2014 in Taiwan launched pathfinder. In addition, India branch is funded by the Hongkong branch, Hongkong is also one of the starting point of the Pathfinder Linsen chariot.
     OSRAM brand use right and channels authorized grant wood Linsen, marks after carefully crafted wood Linsen chariot, an official with a prototype. (1) the rear of the base camp: Guangdong Zhongshan Xiaolan headquarters base + Ji'an, Jiangxi Xinyu production base; (2) driving wheel (Asia Pacific): Taiwan Branch + India Ltd; (3) the front drive wheel (Europe): Ultra era light + OSRAM light source for the company's business.
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