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European lighting industry development roadmap released 2025

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2016-03-25
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European Lighting Association believes that the technical development of the European lighting industry leading position in the world, but the development prospect is being driven by the current energy efficiency, health and safety of people is ignored or even become a subsidiary part of energy saving. In fact, most people have 90% of the time is spent in all kinds of buildings, there is great dependence and demand of artificial lighting environment. In 2020, the EU 514 million population, the population over the age of 50 will be more than 41% of this population should be the focus of the direction of the lighting system, so that consumers through the improvement of the quality of light in the indoor lighting environment to enhance the well-being and health level. By setting the "people-oriented lighting" the core concept of development, the European Commission and its member states to support the European lighting industry continue to maintain its position and influence in this field, and to promote the European Union and the European Union to create manufacturing, manufacturing and R & D in the EU to create industrial environment, increase employment opportunities, expand the market demand, develop contribute to the industrial development of trade policy.
          The content of the policy development roadmap of European lighting industry in 2025 as the target of the corresponding EU policy framework on innovation, energy, environment and development, put forward to improve the quality of life "and" circular economy "two development lines, further increasing development with sustainable and healthy lighting lighting based on energy-saving lighting. Contains and Realization of people-oriented lighting application, LED lighting products of intelligent lighting system of the three main development steps. The implementation of the road map will actively promote the lighting system and energy infrastructure, building management system, interconnected intelligent lighting system, and is not associated with a single product, and to achieve development goals through people-oriented lighting intelligent lighting system.
European Association of lighting, lighting system, better light quality, people-oriented and sustainable development is the driving force of the European lighting market growth. In the current global economic downturn, the EU is also actively promote the "EU", from the market marked "the famous kitchen appliances made in Germany, to the 2016 Frankfurt International Lighting Exhibition, the exhibitors have made" made in Italy "," made in Greece "logo, European countries are actively promoting the domestic recovery of manufacturing industry, and the original in product design and manufacturing process of the advantages of lighting industry in EU countries to boost recovery.
          The current our country economy continues downward, the labor cost advantage was weakened, China's lighting industry is still growing, but growth is slowing down. By the end of 2015, Chinese Lighting Association has drafted the "13th Five-Year development plan" Chinese lighting industry development goals, on 2020, China's lighting industry the main task and key work also made planning, provide ideas and guidance for the development of China's lighting industry in the next 5 years. Hope that through the China Chinese lighting electrical enterprises association of lighting platform, pay attention to the development of changes in domestic and international lighting industry and market, and actively explore the driving force of innovation China manufacturing, and jointly promote the transformation and upgrading of China's lighting industry.
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