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Enterprise revenue back to the temperature, the foreign capital to see strong LED outlook

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  • Release on :2016-07-20
    Shenzhen Risen OPTO Co.,Ltd,led RGB light supplier in china,led outdoor lighting suppliers,led lamp fixtures supplier.
     Led factory revenue gradually warmed, foreign investment is expected to first half of the industry circumstances will is expected to turn for the better and better than previously expected, named optimistic about stocks profit king Yiguang, company in consumption and infrared application performance is better than its peers, the estimated billion light revenues in the first half of the year increased by 10%, and in each product line order active under, wool interest rate steady at 25%.

     Foreign capital assessment in the market is in a weaker declined under, there will help billion light gross margin robust in more than 25%, and product combinatorial optimization, niche product delivery and cost control will have help in gross margin performance stability, better market conditions for the pocket orders will prompt billion light to increase production capacity, is expected to this season Yiguang capacity will increase by 15%, driven trading synchronous Yang.
     In addition to billion light, assessment of foreign crystal electric this season also simultaneously turned for the better, in addition to lighting and four yuan demand pick up, adjust product structure optimization is helpful for the quarter profit, but compared to billion light is crystal electric physical improved still need a long time, named promising billion short-term fundamentals can show, crystal electric remains to be time to adjust.
     Billion light in order to lighting product line to maintain a steady profit. As last bulb factory price has dropped to $0.95, again this year dropped to about $0.6, through collaborative design cooperation with power, and thermal plant effectively reduce bulb lamps cost, prompting billion light under the trend of falling prices can still make money in the lighting market.
    The company said that in addition to the backlight and lighting market can still maintain a healthy profit, LED technology evolution to promote the application of new market development, contains photosensing besides can be used to control the induction, it is expected to be used for health purposes, products into wearable device through the sensing of rhythm, blood oxygen monitoring, billion light in the emerging field of application have launched related products, optimistic view of LED technology is still play and development space.
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