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Eight Tips for lighting

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  • Release on :2017-05-10
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     Light, with thousands of customs. If the light is appropriate, the invisible will be closer to the distance between people. Indirect light and warm light is the general principle of residential lighting design, to create a soft and comfortable atmosphere, not all the indoor lights are open, and sometimes light or plant lights, but also to create the space you want style.
Master the light with the skills. Not only can maximize the benefits of light, but also for the space atmosphere and health plus points.

Tip 1: Avoid using too many embedded lights
Downlight is embedded in the plane in a local lighting for the lights, downlight to avoid full lighting, can make local highlights in the light highlights.
Now the decoration of the wave, many designers like to set a lot of ceiling lights in the ceiling, but too much blank space will be very bright, while generating a lot of glare. A large number of downlights are not suitable for long exposure to the human body, should be a reasonable application in key lighting and basic lighting.

Tip 2: Reduce the use of fluorescent lamps
Fluorescent light is a cold light source, through the high voltage excitation of fluorescent substances luminescence, in fact, fluorescent light is flashing at high frequencies, although the human vision can not detect, but the actual damage to the eyes, fatigue.
Of course, most families now use LED energy-saving instead of traditional fluorescent lamps, but still a small number of families still use fluorescent lamps as the main light source, from the perspective of health and energy consumption are not recommended.

Tip three: depending on the occasion to choose a different light
Talk about the scene should be set to a higher color temperature of the light source, it can make people focus, concentrate on the discussion of the matter. And for rest and relaxation of the scene, you should choose a lower color temperature of the light source, more conducive to the human body to relax, on the contrary, improper use of light, it will produce counterproductive effect.

Tip four: indirect light source application
The use of indirect light sources can avoid direct light caused by glare, so the design can be placed around the ceiling hidden light source, when you need to read or use the computer and then strengthen the local lighting can be.

Tip 5: the introduction of outdoor scenery, manufacturing light rhythm
Design should pay attention to the feeling of light sprinkled to create a different natural appearance of the four seasons home. Apartment residential area can be added, the outdoor landscape Lan room. From the fundamental issues of light to start, home light and shadow expression, regardless of day or night can have different performance.
In simple terms, is to let the natural light to help you do the design, of course, if the lighting is not good, then find his other law it

Tip six: a lamp dual use
The light above the cabinet is not just the lighting cabinet, but also as a walkway lights, to achieve "a dual-use". When all the activities are off, you can only open the light, when the protagonist of space by the living room of the main lights moved to this time, may make people feel soothing.

Tips seven: let the kitchen bright to enhance appetite
Kitchen lighting in the installation of lighting equipment, help cook and wash the action, if the kitchen at home lack of lighting facilities, can be installed in the kitchen under the long light, the kitchen can be pulled out of the smoke hood.

Tip eight: with light to create a different dining atmosphere
The restaurant uses a chandelier, which can make food look more delicious under short distance lighting. The choice of chandelier can be used in order to decorate or specialize.

Of course, in addition to this bright and clean daily restaurant lighting design, but also the need for emotional design, similar to the restaurant atmosphere of the lighting design should be how to achieve it?
In order to create better privacy, the design of the light as far as possible not from the top of the projection, and to be installed in a lower position. And as much as possible to use some decorative lamps to enhance the sense of atmosphere.

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