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ED and laser which is the next generation of projection light source?

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2016-05-13
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    With the rapid development of the projection industry, light source has been indispensable in the projection equipment hot topic of discussion, from the consumer view viewing experience to the vendor's cost, light source development speed directly related to the current projection technology real progress. In the face of the current market, manufacturers for the selection of the light source is still very important, and the replacement of the project is also in the light of the. Today we'll talk about the two most popular light sources, LED and laser.
    In recent years, LED's attention is in the wave period, the last 5 years is the best time of LED. And laser technology, from the date of birth has been a hot focus, and the future will only be more and more fire. Whether the laser can replace the LED, is an inevitable trend, but in the short term completely replace the LED there are some problems need to be resolved. Among them, the more controversial issues focused on the color gamut and brightness.
    Laser can exceed LED, because of a wider color gamut, in fact, not completely. Simply from the color gamut, the white LED is smaller than the standard color gamut range, while the three color LED is only slightly higher than the standard range, while the laser range is far greater than the standard color gamut. Because the technology is limited, the color gamut is just an ideal mathematical model, in reality, often can not meet the requirements of. Because at this stage, the human can control the laser only a few bands, failed to cover all, so the color gamut is not complete. Similarly, LED is also like this.
Brightness is still the focus of choice
     In the new light source, the laser is really over the advantages of LED that is brightness. The brightest LED projector can only reach 1000 lumens, and the brightness of laser is much higher than it. From the current projection on the market performance of the product, pure LED projection, in terms of color or have certain advantages, but in terms of brightness is certainly lost in the laser projector. The world's earliest release laser projector brightness can be reached 2000 lumens, but also increased the space; and at this stage the brightest projectors can reach tens of thousands of lumens.
     It is undeniable that all of the light-emitting devices are hot, and the impact of heat is to detract from the use of life. At this stage, most of the laser light source in normal mode can achieve 10000 hours of service life, in the mode of energy saving can reach 20000 hours of service life. According to the existing data, the laser light source in 5000 hours after the beginning of a significant brightness attenuation, and to 14000 hours after the brightness will decay 40%, but still have nearly 60% of the brightness can be normal use. Compared to this with the traditional light source 2000 lumens of lighting, energy-saving mode of 6000 hours limit life, laser technology in the use of the advantages of life will be highlighted.
     Laser technology as a projection light source, is the future development trend, but in the short term can not completely replace the LED is also a fact. But we still firmly believe that with the development of technology, laser light is about to be popularized in the projection world, then it will lead to the display of the technological revolution, to subvert the traditional display areas.
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