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Domestic LED exports to India fell sharply BIS certification or trade changes

  • Source:net
  • Release on :2017-06-06
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Recently, the media reported that India on October 31 ushered in the most important year of the Diwali Festival, but by the social media set off to resist the wave of Chinese goods spread to India and more, China's production of lantern lanterns and LED lights, in the Mumbai's sales fell by 30% to 50%.
Reporters to engage in India's LED trade stakeholders confirmed that its trade in the domestic LED exports to India, the number dropped nearly Bacheng. But mainly the Indian government last year issued a BIS certification for imports to India LED, which was strictly enforced this year, not the result of social media boycotts.
An Indian trade in India said that based on the above factors, has begun to change the way to engage in India's LED trade, the future will be export LED parts and high-end LED-based.
BIS certification as the main reason for the decline
Public information shows that BIS certification refers to the specific certification by the Indian Bureau of Standards (The Bureau of IndianStandards, hereinafter referred to as BIS).
B LED certification is similar to the domestic 3C certification, from the beginning of May last year, the implementation of the recent strict implementation, making the domestic BIS certification did not get the LED business can not enter the Indian market.
LED lighting business Wood Linsen (002745) Indian chief executive Lin Yida that the Indian bar before the holiday did appear to resist the phenomenon of China's LED, but only a few. And some of the current media coverage of the Indian red light section of the LED sales changes, because many are mainly retail, the data is difficult to calculate.
Lin Yida further explained that there will be a significant decline in the number of domestic LED exports to India, mainly because the domestic production of LED has not meet the appropriate standards, strict implementation of BIS certification, the domestic LED can not enter the Indian market. Although this requirement for all imports of India LED, but the domestic production of LED LED non-standard market in the mainstream of India.
Guangdong Electric Lighting Association Secretary-General Guo Xiu analysis, so far, the instability of India's voltage, resulting in the use of LED can not provide effective use of the environment, and India's LED market is more chaotic, very sensitive to the price of LED, businesses pay more attention to the LED the price of. While the domestic LED production standards and do not meet the standards between the LED, the price difference of about 3 times. Which led to domestic exports to India's LED, mostly for the domestic manufacturing of small and medium enterprises.
However, in addition to the strict implementation of the Indian government BIS certification, after the domestic production of LED has a low price advantage has gradually disappeared. Lin Yida introduction, and now India's domestic production in line with the specifications of the LED, the price has been similar to China's LED, which weakened the Indian consumers in the purchase of LED when the price factor to consider.
Export LED parts and high-end products
Strict implementation of BIS certification and the disappearance of low-cost advantage, although the domestic LED exports to India blocked, but based on the future of India's huge demand for LED market, domestic LED companies and traders, began to change the mode of trade exports.
Zhongshan City, Han Feng Lighting Co., Ltd. General Manager Luo Duanxing said that enterprises have not officially entered the Indian LED market, but has been concerned about, ready to enter the future in the machine. Although the BIS certification to a large number of domestic LED is difficult to export to India, but in the domestic procurement of LED accessories, and then to India to assemble the way, the Indian government will give enterprises tax rebates and subsidies, so that these enterprises give priority to the use of local resources, Of the employment, and the local labor costs far lower than the domestic.
Guo Xiu introduction, the original many Indian buyers to China to purchase LED, mostly contact with the low-end LED manufacturing enterprises, but also because those who have the role of the needle in the traders in which played a role, so that these enterprises occupy the Indian LED non- Standard market. And those successful transition to do high-end LED business, because there is no communication from the traders, it is difficult to enter the Indian LED market.
According to the reporter to understand that the current domestic LED listed companies, only the wood Linsen (002745, SZ) in India set up a more large-scale factories. Lin Yida, who is mainly responsible for the market in the Indian market, said that while India's domestic consumption is low, the future demand for LEDs in the Indian market is high. Prior to the Indian government asked to replace the country more than 700 million bulbs, so that the wooden forest to consider directly in the local production, or to provide LED semi-finished products. It is precisely because the current wood Lin Sen are provided by the original LED devices and semi-finished products, as LED parts suppliers, as long as buyers have BIS certification on it.
An Indian trade in India that the future of India to do the trend of LED trade will turn to LED parts, to provide more professional technical services. In addition, based on the gap between rich and poor in India is relatively large, from the more subdivided areas, will consider the high-end LED trade.
However, the current Indian LED market can only do LED product packaging. Lin Yida introduced the current Indian imports of the original LED devices from China, India does not have the domestic production conditions.
Guo Xiu analysis, India's many state-level industrial park also to domestic investment, but India's technology industry is relatively backward, transportation, logistics and other supporting is not perfect, the sales network to build difficulties, and the country has formed a relatively complete LED product line.

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