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Do not ignore the quality of enterprise development

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2016-03-09
         Shenzhen Risen OPTO CO.,Ltd,outdoor Landscape led light supplier,led garden spike light supplier,led buried underground light supplier.Recently, Chinese manufacturing LED products repeatedly heard quality problems encountered withdrawal city in Europe and the United States recall: 17 news, the EU non food rapid alert system for Chinese made a kill pest mosquito killing lamp withdrawal from the European market. 16 news, the EU non food rapid alert system (RApex) of China made of a electro gear downlight implementation of mandatory recall. 15 news, because of security issues, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the Ministry of Health Canada and North America IKEA services limited liability company jointly announced on 840 thousand sets of Chinese production ceiling lamps recall.
         This kind of domestic LED products because of their quality problems and suffered from city events and although no real It is often seen., cause the accident, but also to a wake-up call China LED enterprise. At the same time, the recent domestic quality department on the part of the LED enterprise product sampling is not optimistic: Shanxi area lighting products unqualified rate of 20%, LED lamps unqualified rate of 15%; Anhui area lighting products unqualified rate of 21%; Jilin area LED lights unqualified rate reached astonishing 66.67% and so on.
         From all over the country lighting products inspection results show that currently in circulation in the market lighting products quality is worrying, the uneven quality of the lamps and lanterns, not only the existence of a huge hidden trouble, and the popularity of the promotion of LED lighting products also caused a certain impact.
        LED lamp "recall" Apocalypse: do not ignore the quality problems of enterprise development
        LED lamp "recall" Apocalypse: do not ignore the quality problems of enterprise development
         Whether it is from Europe and the United States on the part of domestic LED products evacuated the city event analysis or can not be optimistic about the inspection results from the point of view, China LED manufacturing enterprises to the quality of the products serious do not attach importance to the phenomenon already abundantly clear. These are enough to give the China LED business to convey an important signal: any enterprise in the development of the road should not ignore the problems of product quality!
         First of all, LED enterprises should each link adhering to consumers responsible attitude towards products in the production process. In the domestic manufacturing LED of small and medium-sized enterprises, some enterprises in pursuit of the degree of profit margins is far greater than the degree of attention to the quality of the products. Reluctantly product standards, and market supervision is not strict, the sales of the products often substandard phenomenon, the domestic market had very famous brand in the face of Quality Supervision Bureau market sampling and not up to the standard.
        Secondly, LED enterprises should uphold enterprises responsible for the production of each product attitude. Because the product image represents the company's own image, consumer acceptance for the vast majority of the company is for approval of the product, so the product is directly related to the company's market position. In addition, once because of the quality of the products lead to consumer safety accidents, for enterprises, the price is quite heavy, and even lead to business slump.
         Therefore, LED enterprises in the development of the road can not be at the expense of product quality in exchange for economic profits. Now, on the market common to the quality change means of profit is: extract the cost of space, with lower cost of poor quality of raw materials; the second is unreasonable and the production process is simplified, by reducing the quality requirements to achieve to cut labour costs; product development stage to ignore the safety hidden trouble, to shorten the development cycle, reduce the cost of product development. Such behavior is the "profit first" of the corporate philosophy.
LED industry how to do a good job in the quality of the products it? One is to cultivate the quality consciousness of enterprises, only consciousness has been improved to from the source to take corresponding quality assurance measures; second, it is necessary to establish clear quality objectives, only by establishing the reasonable quality objectives to quality problems of multiple point, and to take improvement measures; the third is to establish a perfect quality system, reach the only sound quality system can safeguard the enterprise quality work effective operation as well as the quality objectives; the fourth is to have effective quality improvement route, only effective route improvement in order to guarantee the product quality problem completely eradicated.
         Today in the rapid development of market economy, competition among enterprises is becoming increasingly fierce, quality for the importance of an enterprise is more and more obvious, the level of the quality of the products is the embodiment of one of the core competitiveness of enterprises is no; improve the quality of the products is guarantees the enterprise market share and to sustainable management of an important means. With the rise of the tide of international mergers and acquisitions, as well as the national policy to increase the strength of the LED industry support, China's LED enterprises are in a good period of rapid development. In the wave of international development, China's LED enterprises should pay more attention to product quality, not because of quality problems and missed opportunities for development.
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