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Difference between incandescent and fluorescent lamps

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2016-03-12
          Shenzhen Risen OPTO CO.,Ltd,led RGB light supplier in china,led outdoor stadium lighting manufacturers,led lamp fixtures supplier.source in life, although they often can see their shadow, but for the difference between incandescent and fluorescent lamps, we do not understand. Today we have to look at the difference between incandescent and fluorescent lamps have those? Incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp which is good for the eyes?
Fluorescent lamp
          Fluorescent lamp, also known as fluorescent lamp, both ends of the fluorescent lamp have a filament, the tube is filled with trace amounts of argon and rare mercury vapor and on inner wall of the tube is coated with fluorescent powder, the gas between the two filament conductive emit ultraviolet and fluorescent powder to emit visible light soft.
The working characteristic of the fluorescent lamp: the fluorescent tube needs a high voltage when starting the light, and only when the normal light emitting is allowed to pass the small current, the voltage of the lamp tube is less than the power supply voltage at the time of the lamp tube.
Incandescent lamp
          The incandescent lamp is heated to the incandescent state by heating the filament, and the electric light source of the visible light is emitted by the heat radiation. The development trend of the incandescent lamp is mainly to develop the energy saving light bulb. Different purposes and requirements of the incandescent lamp, its structure and components are not the same. Incandescent light efficiency is low, but the color of light and light collecting performance is very good, is the largest, the most widely used electric light source.
Difference between incandescent and fluorescent lamps 1
         Source: incandescent light is the light, the ordinary fluorescent lamp is monochromatic, watching that occurs at the mere mention of a color in the monochromatic light of the sun, that is, the color is not true, the model of trichromatic fluorescent lamp is chromatic fluorescent lamps and trichromatic fluorescent lights to see the color of the object is more real.
          The life of an incandescent lamp is related to the temperature of the filament, because the higher the temperature, the easier it is to rise. The sublimation of the fluorescent lamp at both ends of the blackening process is: Tungsten directly into gas tungsten, these gas tungsten met low temperature of tube wall and sublimation in the wall of the lamp tube and blackened.
           When compared to thin tungsten sublimation, electricity is easy to burn, thus ending the life of the lamp. So the greater the power of incandescent lamp.
Difference between incandescent and fluorescent lamps 2
          Working principle: fluorescent tube is on the mercury atom by the lamp tube, by the gas discharge process releases the ultraviolet light (the main wavelength is 2537 =2537 * 10-10m *). About 60% of the energy consumed can be converted to UV light. The rest of the energy is converted into heat.
           Fluorescent lamp is absorbed by the fluorescent substance of the inner surface of the tube to release the visible light. Different fluorescent substances emit different visible light. The efficiency of conversion to visible light is about 40%. Therefore, the efficiency of fluorescent lamp is about two times as much as 60% x 40% = 24% is approximately the same as that of the tungsten lamp power.
Difference between incandescent and fluorescent lamps 3
           Luminous efficiency: the luminous efficiency of ordinary incandescent lamp is only 7 ~ 19lm/W, and the fluorescent lamp can reach 27 ~ 67lm/W;
Difference between incandescent and fluorescent lamps 4
           Life: ordinary incandescent lamp life is 1000 hours, while the fluorescent lamp can be up to 1500 ~ 5000 hours (but frequently start to the fluorescent lamp life influence is very big);
Difference between incandescent and fluorescent lamps 5
           The performance of adaptation to voltage changes: in the use of rated voltage, incandescent lamp life is generally 1000 hours. Such as voltage is increased by 10%, the luminous efficiency increased by 17%, while the lifetime is reduced by 28%, that is, to reduce 280 hours, such as voltage is reduced by 10%, life may be extended, but the luminous efficiency of decreased by 19%, so incandescent lamps in adapting to the performance of the voltage change than fluorescent lamp is poor.
           So which is good for the eyes of the incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp?
           We can according to the difference between the incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp, watching the object will not be true in incandescent lamp, and incandescent lamps for voltage stability and easy strobe, leading to eye fatigue. To sum up, we can conclude that: the fluorescent lamp is better than the incandescent lamp, so we can use the fluorescent lamp as the light source in the room.
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