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Development can be LED UV into a new blue ocean

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  • Release on :2016-07-20
      Shenzhen Risen OPTO Co.,Ltd,dmx512 intelligent lighting supplier,rgb dmx512 wall washer suppliuer,led dmx 512 wall washer supplier.
       Market demand is fatigued and weak, LED industry presents the homogenization of products, price competition is heating up "for the high margin market segments become prerequisites for the development of such enterprises, which the UV LED market as one of the blue ocean market, the prospects immeasurable.

      The investigation report on the French market research firm yole d e veloppement display, to 2017 UV LED market size of up to $2.7 billion, more than a third of the UV light source market, five years compound annual growth rate of up to 43%, thus forming and UV mercury vapour lamps to rival the situation.
      UV LED is divided into three types: UV-A (320 ~ 400nm, UV-B (280) and UV-C 200~280nm, respectively applied in curing device, banknote checking machine, medical / biological field therapeutic equipment and analytical instruments, sterilization and disinfection. Currently LED UV market A UV accounted for 90%.
      The shorter the wavelength of UV LED light-emitting efficiency is lower, the higher the difficulty of preparation, the more expensive the price. UV-B and UV-C band LED luminous efficiency is only 10%-20% of the UV-A, the price is about 10 times the LED UV-A. Due to the high threshold of LED UV technology, chip and packaging technology is not mature enough, resulting in UV-B and UV-C industry is relatively slow process.
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