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Deep UV LED light source life of 10,000 hours

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  • Release on :2016-10-25
     Shenzhen Risen OPTO Co.,Ltd,led flood light supplier,Aluminum Alloy Flood Light Manufacturers,waterproof led lamps supplier china.
      After years of research and development, Qingdao Jiesheng Electric Co., Ltd. in the recently launched life to 10,000 hours of 10 mW UVC LED products, the R & D results in the world leading level.

      LED from the early sixties since the birth of the red from the initial light to yellow, green light until the end of the last century invented by the Japanese blue LED light, LED finally achieve a full-color light, LED lighting in the field of Application, and its energy-saving and environmental protection features, to bring a great contribution to mankind. Today, research in this area has been advanced to the development of deep ultraviolet light source. It is understood that Qingdao Jiesheng Electric has been committed to the development of deep UV LED light source products, since the introduction of 1 milliwatt in 2012, UVC LED products, its products have been internationally renowned, especially deep ultraviolet 275 nm deep UV chip technology , In a leading position.

     "In terms of difficulty, from red to yellow, green to blue, the shorter the wavelength of LED light, the more difficult the development of technology, and UV is the most difficult of the current LED technology." Jiesheng Electric Co., Ltd., Qingdao, general manager Zhang Guohua Road. Earlier this year, they developed a single high-power LED maximum optical power of 176 mW, creating a world record.

      In recent years, deep UV UVC LED has become a hot market, mainly due to deep UV LED was found to be applied to a wide range of areas. Medical and food fields often use low-pressure mercury lamp sterilization, but mercury is easy to cause harm to the environment, a milligram of mercury can contaminate 300 tons of water, 1000 years without degradation, and now the advent of deep ultraviolet LED to become its excellent environmental alternatives, as A relatively short wavelength of ultraviolet light, a broad-spectrum bactericidal effect, kill bacteria, virus, high efficiency, the most important point is green, pollution-free. In addition to replacing the original mercury lamp sterilization market, but also bring a series of new opportunities in water purification, air purification, food safety, maternal and child supplies, medical, health market and other fields, have broad application prospects.

     It is understood that Qingdao Jiesheng Electric Co., Ltd. is founded in 2001 by the return of a scientific and technological enterprises, is China's only production of a deep-UV LED chip business in 2015 won the National Science and Technology Progress Award.
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