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Customers spend three or four more the network lighting to promote shop sales

  • Source:net
  • Release on :2018-03-27
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E.Leclerc, a large retail store in Langon, France, has reported that spending from some customers has increased 34% to 42% over the past few months because their smartphones are connected to a Bluetooth-enabled ceiling chandelier via app Wireless.

The LED lamps and lanterns are equipped with Bluetooth beacons for indoor positioning and can transmit product information and location information to the customer's mobile phone.

A total of 771 customers have used E.LECLERC applications and then access the IoT (IoT) lighting system.

These customers have agreed to bind the application to E.Leclerc's loyal customer reward program, so E.LECLERC can tailor specific information based on personal interests and buying habits. Customers can also publish missing products in the store.

The "high turnover" group of customers in the E.LECLERC category consumes 34% more than the previous year, while another group of "geek customers" consumes more than 42%.

E.Leclerc said it was satisfied with the results, not only to increase revenue, but also to improve the overall customer participation, including indoor positioning system can analyze customer behavior.

Shop general manager Alain Lafforgue said, "Here, our customers can experience a new way of shopping."

"Thanks to virtual customer interaction, we are beginning to understand our customers and learn more about their personal desires." With this knowledge, we will be able to increase satisfaction, resulting in a higher degree of customer loyalty. ”

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