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Customer relationship and lights

  • Author:Abby
  • Release on :2015-08-25

     Risen LED OPTO CO.,LTD.

    Masamichi Katayama,the designer of UNIQLO SOHO flagship store in New York,has said: "the store is not only selling products, but to leave something in people's memory, to build their brand's cognition and memory. A good shop, is the goods together with the memory to the guest."

    So the light inside shops decorate good, on the one hand, can lead the customer into the store, shopping sites to form bright happy atmosphere; On the other hand can highlight the characteristics and color of goods, not only can attract the attention of the customer, still can make customers browse commodity in the comfortable visual environment, thus having shopping impulse.

    Although using natural light, which can demonstrate original products, and can save energy, but natural light affected by the building lighting and the weather changes, far cannot satisfy the needs of the business place, so cosmetics shop or artificial lighting is given priority to.

    The use of lamps and lanterns.

  Cosmetics store is used when decorating a design of lamps and lanterns, divided into light, shoot the light, according to four lights and light box.

    Lighting: mainly used for indoor lighting shop, if indoor natural light is not good, light is the main source of light. Because of its use for a long time, so you should choose energy-saving lamps.

    Lamp: divided into shelves to shoot the light and door head lamp. This kind of lamp has good effect to apply colours to a drawing atmosphere, display of goods.
    Light: it is mainly used for local lighting, multi-purpose at the counter and shelves inside, is used to increase brightness goods, radiant make commodity packaging, this kind of lamp is given priority to with fluorescent lamp.

     Box: mainly used as indoor advertising and outdoor shop signs. Commonly used in the lamp box is fluorescent lamp.