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Curved OLED powered iPhone, the screen will be large in the future

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2016-03-11
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        Rumored apple is developing a new iPhone 5.8 inches, the screen is larger than the current 6S iPhone 5.5 inches. Displaymate screen expert ray soneira guess, if I have the thing, Apple may intend to adopt a flexible OLED screen, thus body size unchanged, the screen is pulled more.
        MacRumors, BGR reports, 5.5 inches of 6S iPhone volume has been quite large, if it is enlarged to 5.8 inches, may not hold. Soneira to MacRumors said that Apple may use a flexible screen, which is similar to the Samsung S6 Edge/S7 Edge Galaxy curved screen. This is not impossible, Apple has a number of patents on the curved screen design.
The advantage of the curved surface screen is to minimize the border, Apple may remove the body side of the body of the physical buttons, such as volume, standby button, switch to the side of the screen to operate these functions. Soneira stressed that the new iPhone OLED if you want to lead the panel innovation, the side of the screen function evolution should be the best way.
        BGR speculated that apple to reduce the size of the body, there is a way to remove the entity Home key, the fingerprint identification system ID Touch feature embedded in the screen. Rumored apple early last year had applied for related patents, touch Id do not have to rely on the home button, the screen of the mobile phone can fingerprint identification.
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