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Countries continue to disable incandescent lamps

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  • Release on :2016-09-14
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     When the incandescent lamp is connected in the circuit, the electric current flows through the heat effect of the filament, so that the incandescent lamp emits continuous visible light and infrared rays. Because when the filament temperature is very high, only about 10% of the electrical energy is converted into light energy, most of the energy in the form of infrared radiation is wasted, the power consumption caused by a large number of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions. At the same time, because the filament temperature is very high, evaporation is also very fast, so the life is greatly shortened, only about 2200 hours.
     In order to promote the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, to ease the process of global warming, countries have banned the production and use of incandescent lamps. In early 2007, Australia was first introduced to prohibit the use of incandescent lamps and regulations, then Canada also announced that from the beginning of 2012 banned the sale of incandescent lamp, the EU on March 2009 by the relevant regulations of incandescent lamp.
     China is a big country of production and consumption of lighting products, according to estimates, China's electricity consumption of about 12% of total electricity consumption, so the use of efficient lighting products to replace the incandescent lamp, energy-saving emission reduction potential. In 2011, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Commerce, the General Administration of customs and the State               Administration for Industry and commerce, the State Quality Inspection Administration recently jointly issued a "gradual ban on the import and sale of ordinary incandescent lighting notice" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"), decided to power gradually banned the import and sale of incandescent lamps for general lighting, plans to ban in October 1, 2016 the import and sale of 15 watts and above ordinary incandescent lighting. Now, "notice" time limit will come, China's energy-saving lamp penetration rate is still low, especially in rural areas, the use of incandescent lamp.
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