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Colorful smart "holder" Luminion debut CES built-in NFC function.

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2016-01-07
         Shenzhen Risne OPTO CO., Ltd.,led RGB light supplier in china,LED RGB FLOOD Light with 24VAC Input Voltage.,led lamp fixtures supplierWant to make the whole home have become more intelligent, just rely on one or two smart light bulbs is no effect, more important is to let the whole intelligent home system can communicate with each other. In the current Ubiant, CES company launched a device called Luminion, which looks like a "holder", can become the center of the exchange of smart home equipment.
The upper half of the Luminion emit different colors of light, built Ubiant cloud solutions of smart home energy consumption, family members of health data management and artificial intelligence can be integrated. Luminion built a large number of sensors and NFC module, you can real-time display the current home of the smart home data.

         In addition, users can also be connected to the MyHemis through the use of NFC features smart phones or tablet PC, while Luminion itself can also play a very beautiful decorative effect. In addition, compared with the ordinary candle holder, Luminion also significantly reduces the risk of fire, is a good product to replace the traditional one.
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