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Chinese companies to buy Japanese companies CSP fluorescent film project

  • Source:net
  • Release on :2017-05-04
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    Recently, the lighting industry has a major news, has been committed to promoting the development of domestic CSP Zhongshan City, three-dimensional photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as three-dimensional photoelectric), wholly-owned acquisition of Japan Nitto fluorescent film project.

    Nitto Chinese name is Nitto Denko Corporation, is a headquartered in Osaka, Japan, a listed company, has 101 subsidiaries in the world. It is reported that, as early as 2012, Nitto and Changzhou, Jiangsu Institute of semiconductor lighting application technology research, to jointly study the CSP technology and success, then Nitto to help San An photoelectric, Hongli Zhihui, three-dimensional photoelectric and other enterprises to establish a film CSP production line, and for the latter to provide the production of CSP important raw materials required for fluorescent film.

    Dimensional photoelectric is also one of the earlier involved in CSP enterprises, and Samsung, De Hao Runda, crystal photoelectric, Xuyu photoelectric and other enterprises to cooperate CSP project, 2014 independent research and development of CSP special placement equipment, 2015 In Guangdong Langneng electrical chairman Deng Chaohua capital injection, it is a big move frequently, in the end of 2015 the establishment of CSP production line, to reach nearly 100KK per month, became a few domestic can be a large number of large-scale production and supply of CSP One of the enterprises, and break through the technical bottlenecks of small and medium-power CSP to achieve mass production, three-dimensional photoelectric based on the development of CSP technology color temperature COB and SMD lamp beads series, in the field of intelligent lighting has a wide range of applications.

    Three-dimensional photoelectric completed the acquisition, will become the most complete domestic industrial chain CSP manufacturing enterprises, not only mastered the core technology, which will significantly reduce the CSP material costs, is bound to promote the rapid development of CSP this new technology.

    In the industry shouted a few years, this time, CSP this head "wolf" really want to come.

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