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China Semiconductor intelligent lighting innovation base

  • Author:Eunice
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  • Release on :2016-04-21
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        Pearl River Delta region is China led encapsulation enterprises are most concentrated, packaging industry, the largest in area, number of enterprises accounted for about about half of the country, the region gathered many packaging materials and packaging equipment manufacturers and agents, the most perfect matching. In the Pearl River Delta cities, Shenzhen, Huizhou, Zhongshan is the representative of the LED field fully deserve the.
         According to industry estimates, in 2014 the total value of LED industry in Shenzhen city was 133 billion 500 million yuan, ranking first in Guangdong Province, the same period the total output value of Huizhou LED about 50 billion yuan, ranking second in the province; Zhongshan's LED total output value of 30 billion yuan. According to Xiaolan Town by letter department revealed that in 2015 the town of about 230 LED related enterprises, the total industry output value exceeded 10 billion yuan.
         As in recent years, the rise of the emerging industries of strategic importance, Xiaolan LED industry started in 2009 and is an important starting point for the industrial restructuring and upgrading of the town. 2010, the new light source industry base in Guangdong province settled in the town. LED packaging giant Linsen, Everlight electronics and other leading enterprises in Xiaolan Town, put into operation. It is from the beginning of 2011, Xiaolan LED industry began to run.
        By the end of 2015, the government of Xiaolan Town proposed Founding China "intelligent semiconductor lighting innovation base" application, also government departments and local production enterprise comprehensive thoroughly carry out striving to work.
        In April 11th this year, 12, industry experts "lighting innovation base" Chinese semiconductor intelligent evaluation of Xiaolan Town of Zhongshan city. During the review process, the group of experts study of Xiaolan Town three leading enterprises, listen to the enterprise development and to create the views and suggestions of Chinese intelligent semiconductor lighting innovation base. After careful argumentation of the expert review group, agreed that the Guangdong Province Zhongshan Xiaolan Town innovation base with "China's semiconductor lighting industry (or application) innovation base construction and management measures" to identify the conditions, proposed to grant "China intelligent semiconductor lighting innovation base" honorary title.
Obvious advantages in the field of subdivision
         According to statistics, in 2015 the total size of China's LED industry reached 396 billion 700 million yuan, an increase of 15%. But not long ago, Zhongshan led enterprises Linsen in its annual report revealed that 2015. The company operating income for 38 billion yuan, down 3% over the previous year; profit of 300 million yuan, than last year fell into four.
         Why the industry to maintain substantial growth, but the performance of Linsen decline? Although there are R & D investment increase and the enterprise strategy adjustment and other factors, wood Linsen emphasizes the objective reasons: affected by the macroeconomic and market competition, LED industry chain prices generally decline 30% - 50%.
         Despite the slowdown in the upstream business, but the downstream application of enterprises has maintained a good development trend. According to incomplete statistics, at present the town has more than 230 traditional lamp enterprises into the field of LED lighting, LED lights, LED lamp, decorative lamp belt in the industry has obvious advantages, laid the Siu Lam LED industry segments in the market leading position. Such as specialized in the production of eye protection desk lamp Guangyang Zhongshan electric appliances, used in the previous light source to the traditional energy-saving lamps. After 2012, with the increasing maturity of LED technology, the company developed a new eye protection lamp, won the market.
         In addition to the traditional lighting enterprises, to the city street reconstruction as a representative of the contract energy management has become Xiaolan led to promote an important channel. Beginning in 2010, Xiaolan Town Based on LED lights as the breakthrough point, LED products application and promotion of energy-saving consumption combined, adopted the "contract energy management model", with national Ministry of science and technology "city lights" plan, vigorously promote LED streetlight renovation project. At present, the town has been installed LED street lamp 13511 lamp, will be completed during the year the town main road LED streetlight renovation, LED street lamp energy saving rate of more than 55%.
         In order to ensure the future development of LED in emerging industries, Xiaolan Town also has always attached great importance to LED industry supporting services. Is invested more than 1000 million yuan to establish public service platform for the development of LED industry, has become one of the more comprehensive industry of Guangdong Province led public service platform; second, construction led Trade Exhibition Center -- "China led the Kyushu city" will be built in LED products exhibition, trade, exchange of information and logistics as one of the commercial city, and South China Normal University established "Siu Lam led industrial technology research institute", LED industry commonness, key technical problems to solve, and in Xiaolan Jianbin vocational schools offer professional LED lighting, LED lighting practical talents cultivation.
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