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CSP: praised?

  • Source:net
  • Release on :2016-07-26
      Shenzhen Risen OPTO Co.,Ltd,led RGB light supplier in china,led outdoor stadium lighting manufacturers,led lamp fixtures supplier.
      CSP as a new technology in recent years the high voice of the industry, is still in the dilemma praised. Because CSP light source has the characteristics of high light density and high light intensity, mainly used in large angle light source products, such as television, mobile phone backlight and other fields.

      Shenzhen REFOND optoelectronics CTO Pei Xiaoming said: "the CSP has been very fire, but the domestic backlight manufacturers did not mass production, more is to test the water samples. From the perspective of performance and reliability, CSP has not really reached the requirements of the application. Due to the problem of heat sink, the same area of the chip, if it is sealed into EMC, FEMC, and 2-3 have CSP degrees /W. With the same current to do CSP FEMC 20%-30% high temperature."
      "Due to the high degree of customer acceptance, CSP priority in the field of backlight and flash, but to be widely used in the field of lighting is also facing two major challenges of technology and cost." Ashineon (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. executive vice president of Ashan said now and not every lighting enterprises have ability of using CSP. As compared with the traditional chip, CSP product is smaller, the precision requirements of the patch device is higher. This requires packaging companies to replace the equipment and optimize the quality management.
     "In addition, CSP in the lighting industry is still not see the cost. With small power LED two years ago, the price, CSP may have replaced the advantage, but at present such a low price, has not seen much significance." Crystal Electronics President Xiao Guowei said.
      Wafer associate Linyida that "over the next few years the traditional packaging is still the mainstream market, the CSP LED market possession rate of about only 5%. And pointed out that the CSP price advantage is not obvious, can not effectively reduce costs, simplify the process. Under certain conditions, the light efficiency is less than the normal LED."
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