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CREE launched XP-G3 LED XLamp, further enhance the performance

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2016-04-16
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          Cree (NASDAQ:CREE) announced the launch XLampXP-G3LED, than the current industry-leading XP-G2LED, 31% flux lifting and 8% optical efficiency improvement. Thanks to the core elements of the Cree SC5 technology platform, high power XP-G3LED than previous generations to XP-G products, to further improve the lumen density, voltage characteristics and reliability. XP-G3 superior performance of the can help lighting manufacturers in the field of road lighting, outdoor area lighting, high ceiling lamp applications to achieve differentiation, and lower system cost.

           OrangeTeK, director of WilburTarn, said: we are designing a new series of high performance 130lm/W street, there is no doubt that we will choose the new CREE XP-G3LED. XP-G3LED provides a higher light efficiency and reliability within the XP-G package we are familiar with. This can help us on the basis of the original product design, a little adjustment will be able to get a new solution, greatly shorten the design time."
CREE uses XP product platform, the industry standard high power 3535 has been maintained in the lead. The Cree XP-G3LED launched will continue to bring breakthrough performance, under the current of 350mA light efficiency maximum over 205lm/W. Under the current 2A flux maximum reach 863lm. XP-G3 continuation of the Cree in the reliability and lumen maintenance rate of the leading position and 6000 hours lm-80 data can be immediately available, L90 life over 50000 hours, even if is in 105 DEG C temperature and 1.5A current stringent test conditions.
           DaveEmerson, vice president and general manager of LED division, said: "CREE is committed to technology research and development, and in the high power LED market for our customers to provide a higher system value. XP-G3 broke through the barrier of 200lm/W, set up a new benchmark for the XP-G series LED, CREE has become a high level of performance to achieve high power LED."
           Cree XLampXP-G3LED provide 85 DEG C temperature characterization and sub file. ANSIWhite&EasyWhite3 step and step 5 color temperature (2700k - 6500k) optional, color index CRI70, 80, 90 is optional. XP-G3 now available sample applications, and can be produced in accordance with the standard delivery time.
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