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COB becomes customized or standardized?

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2016-03-17
         Shenzhen Risen OPTO Co.,Ltd,outdoor Landscape led light supplier,led garden spike light supplier,led buried underground light supplier.
Industrial warlords set up a separatist regime by force of arms and a hundred schools of thought contend that someone has said it will 3 minutes of the world, and that in the future it is third world step by step SMD standard scale of small profits and quick turnover, or depth refinement take customized high profits?

         Bridgelux, senior vice president of Asia Wen Jianhua said this: the two are complementary to each other in two dimensions simultaneously. On the one hand, size, facilities gradually standardized, on the other hand, light color, customization demand more and more.
         As is known to all, Bridgelux in the field of color has been leading the industry development, not only launched the first step 3 color tolerance standard, at the same time, Puri also launched special color dot product and high Gai class a products, greatly enriched the customer the different scenarios of demand. So the standard is the trend of supporting the size and customization is a different choice of color scene.
        Luminus China Sales Vice President of real Ning is that: from the perspective of luminus, customization is a can not guarantee long-term stability of supply and quality assurance products, using luminus cob is highly automated equipment and highly integrated system to control batch manufacturing;
         Every kind of products are required to match the corresponding device and system, costly and need to do a lot and long time aging test, and customized demand usually smaller and more change, highly automated equipment unable to meet small models of production; and the standardization of production, to the long-term stability of the state for the control of the product and in the product design stage will do a good job in the cob key quality control points, and automated production and ensure the maximization of production can be repeated, production of the best stability, and output efficiency is very high, bring long-term production cost advantage.
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