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CEM8 focus on intelligent street light applications, CCTV news focus on the report

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  • Release on :2017-06-15
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The 8th Ministerial Meeting on Clean Energy (CEM8) and the Second Ministerial Conference on Innovation Mission (MI-2) were held in Beijing from June 6 to 9, 2017. The theme of this session is "Clean Energy Innovation Mission " Chinese President Xi Jinping congratulated the meeting, Minister of Science and Technology Wan Gang attended.
The summit for the highest specifications, the largest number of participants: 26 member states and one observer country minister, the relevant international organizations, the world's leading entrepreneurs, representatives of the total number of about 600 people.
Shanghai Synopsis once again invited to showcase the latest intelligent streetlight system solutions and monitoring center small pitch LED high-definition display, and participate in the "Global Lighting Challenge" (Global Lighting Challenge), commitment to nearly 3 years to complete 1.3 million high-performance ceramic heat LED road lighting, to reduce energy needs to contribute their own strength.
In the "Global Lighting Challenge Forum", Shanghai think twice on behalf of the Ministry of Science and related leaders, the World Bank energy efficiency project director, the global lighting experts, including the participants to discuss the development of urban road lighting and other issues.
Installed 1.3 million energy efficient ceramic heat LED lights. And proposed a new direction for the development of urban road lighting with PPP mode to build intelligent street lighting system; and the inclusion of two changes - from the mere provision of streetlight products to the provision of system solutions and the transformation of business models. At present, Shanghai Sisi wisdom street lights have been built, including Beijing left An Men, Hangzhou G20 summit, Jiangsu Hongze and Germany, France, including nearly 20 cases.
The Clean Energy Ministerial Conference (CEM) is a high-level global forum for co-operation in Washington, DC, in July 2010 to promote policy and collaboration to promote a global transition to a clean energy-based economy. The Innovation Mission Ministerial Conference (MI) is a permanent global high-level forum cooperation mechanism that aims to implement the Joint Declaration on Innovation Commitments issued by the Heads of State and delegates of the Paris Climate Change Conference in November 2015, Private capital investment in clean energy transformation.

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