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Business opportunity! India government said full use LED lights in 2018

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2016-01-11
         Shenzhen Risen OPTO Co.,Ltd,Aluminum Alloy Flood Light Manufacturers,waterproof led lamps supplier china,led RGB light supplier in china.
          The government of India announced today that it is going to allow more India families to use energy-saving LED bulbs to improve the lighting conditions. According to the demands of the government of India, they hope that by the end of 2018 can be fully replaced with LED light bulbs, save more power.

          India electric power energy minister Goyal Piyush publicly said, we save every unit of energy, can be for our country's poor light their families. I hope you all use LED bulbs. "
Piyush Goyal pointed out that India is still a shortage of countries, there are 250 million population is living in the environment without electricity, the future of India's overall development is still very considerable, but it takes time. He believes that if India across the country about 7.7 billion lighting can dress up into LED lighting, the estimated annual can save 1000 a unit of energy.
          And by the Indian government run energy efficiency services company (energy efficiency Services Ltd, EESL), the current through DELP program and not by any amount of subsidy, the daily shipments of about 40 million pieces of LED lighting, Piyush Goyal estimates 2016 second half can be increased to 100 million pieces of LED lighting every day shipments.
         And the cost of producing these LED bulbs, from 310 rupees per February 2014, has dropped to 373 rupees per in June 2015, to reduce the cost of 75%.
         Not only that, the Indian government hopes in the future be able to through more ways to help more families to every day electricity, also plans to install more than 200 smart meter test, assisting India to a better understanding of the mode of power consumption, think of ways to avoid the waste of power.
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