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Biography Samsung TV will directly skip OLED to enter the QLED

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2016-05-27
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     Samsung Electronics is planning a long-term roadmap for the next generation of television, according to South Korean media reports, Samsung will skip OLED TV, directly into the QLED. Samsung is currently the main product of quantum dot TV, it's strategy is to continue to develop quantum dot TV, while preparing for the commercial QLED technology. OLED has some defects, such as life, aging, manufacturing costs are also very high, so Samsung decided to skip OLED.
     Samsung Electronics and industry sources said 22, Samsung VD (video display) business department is adjusting the next generation of television roadmap, will eventually determine next month, and then Samsung will share the roadmap in the.
From the beginning of 2006, Samsung TV sales of TV has been ranked first in the world. So far, Samsung has passed LED, 3D, intelligent, quantum dot concept TV market leader. This year, Samsung has not yet demonstrated any concept of television, it continues to follow the same as last year, SUHD tv. LG electronics is the world's second largest TV maker, it is promoting the development of OLED TV industry, the industry would like to know how to respond to Samsung electronics.
      Last year, Samsung Group Samsung Electronics VD business department conducted a management assessment, the business department has QLED as a focus, they hope QLED can help the company in the next generation of TV market to stay ahead. Samsung strategy is focused on: VD business department in the quantum dot TV will skip OLED TV, direct access to the QLED tv. Many years ago, Samsung on the internal development of OLED TV and assessment. In the end, Samsung believes that some of the problems are difficult to solve, such as the use of life, aging and other problems caused by organic materials. In fact, OLED unit manufacturing costs are too high is the main weakness.
       Although we have been developing OLED technology, the technology to keep the attention, but the technology used in large products, or the existence of life and production costs are too high, because it is the use of organic materials." A high executive said, Samsung VD business department is working on the next generation of television roadmap." The executives also added that after the quantum dot TV, Samsung decided to enter directly into the QLED TV, because the technology is rapidly developing.
      QLED uses 2 to 10 nm quantum dots, and OLED, it does not require a backlight components can be their own light. The thickness of the quantum dot is only one percent of the hair, and the size of the different color is different. Because of the use of inorganic materials, the durability of QLED is better than OLED, OLED is the use of organic materials. QLED lower cost, better clarity and light stability. In addition, due to the QLED single pixel color performance is more excellent, in the implementation of HDR (high dynamic range) technology has an advantage, the current HDR has become the focus of competition in the TV quality.
      The next 2 to 3 years, Samsung's focus will still be SUHD TV, which uses a quantum dot display, while also constantly improve the level of QLED technology to achieve commercial requirements. According to estimates, the new QLED TV will be launched in 2019.
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