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Big event LED market on this week

  • Source:net
  • Release on :2017-06-19
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▲ Micro LED concept ram, the mainland LED leading San An photoelectric has been quietly layout

Have to admit, is considered a new generation of panel technology mainstream Micro LED is indeed very fire. Not only attracted the international manufacturers Apple, Sony, Facebook, Hon Hai and other rush, China Taiwan Micro LED investment is also very positive, in addition to AUO, Qunchuang, crystal and other manufacturers, as early as 2009 will be put Micro LED The development of Taiwan Institute of Technology, has also been accumulated considerable process technology and experience. Recently, the news that the three optoelectronics has also been in the layout Micro LED. SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Samsung Microelectronics (LED) is the focus of the future development of the future, the company began a year or two in research and development.

▲ heavy! GE officially announced the sale of lighting business

According to foreign media reported on the 9th, GE Thursday (8) in an internal e-mail announced the sale of GE lighting news. "The company is discussing issues with potential buyers," said Alicia Gauer, Director of GE Lighting Public Relations. "The company is considering selling its lighting business in order to continue to streamline its portfolio and focus on its core digital industrial assets."

▲ snow Wright holding industry fund to be more than 40 million investment in Ze shares

Snow White yesterday evening announcement, the company recently received Daewoo Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Fund notice, Daewoo Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Fund and Ze Po shares and some of its shareholders signed the "investment agreement." Daewoo Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Fund, respectively, to its own funds 8,375,328.07 yuan to accept Yang Qianhao holding Ze shares 98,891 shares; own funds 8,375,328.07 yuan entrusted Zou Minqing held Ze Bao shares 98,889 shares; to own funds 23,744,814.47 yuan, subscribe for shares of 13,941 shares of new shares.

▲ 260 million yuan! Liyard wholly owned subsidiary won the bid for major lighting project

(Hereinafter referred to as the "Company") issued a notice on June 14, the wholly-owned subsidiary of Shenzhen City Jinda Lighting Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Jinda Lighting") as the Commonwealth Leader, and Beijing Liangye Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. in the form of a consortium to become "Kunming Road, Kunming, Panlongjiang landscape lighting upgrade project design and construction of the tender" of the successful bidder, the bid price of RMB 52,094 million. The two sides agreed that the parties responsible for the amount of 50% of the project.

▲ fly music sound signed cooperation framework agreement, the project investment of 4 billion

June 14, Feile audio release announcement, the company and the Cen Gong county government in Shanghai signed a "cooperation on the construction of" wisdom Cen Gong "cooperation framework agreement. The total investment of the project is about 4 billion yuan. The specific project construction mode, investment scale, income and policy subsidy shall be signed by the two parties separately.

▲ NVC lighting will not exceed 110 million yuan to buy Dehao Runda stock

Dehao Runda June 12 evening announcement, the company on June 12, 2017 received a joint venture company NVC lighting notice, NVC lighting in the recently held board of directors adopted the decision to buy BDO Runda shares, authorized mine The lighting and its subsidiaries from the date of approval by the Board of Directors until December 31, 2017, the total amount of not more than 110 million yuan, not higher than the price of 5.45 yuan per share purchase of BDO Runda in Shenzhen Securities Trading Listed on the A shares of the stock.

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