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Apple Power MicroLED and Samsung OLED technology a showdown

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  • Release on :2017-06-03
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    Into the apple, defeated apples. For the current Oled display on the phone application, Apple's entry, to accelerate the display of new technologies and new products market detonated; but also may be because of Apple's "empathy" and into a new dilemma
    Recently, Apple and Samsung signed a large purchase of OLED phone screen, still do not forget to promote Micro LED research and development. Recently, the news that Apple will be in Taiwan this year, equipped with Micro LED equipment for testing, and the first to launch a number of the use of the technology Apple Watch. Then do not rule out the Apple mobile phone will be applied Micro led display.

    Micro LED is the LED miniaturization and matrix technology, that is, a chip integrated high-density small size LED array. Its clarity can be more than 1500ppi, is the current Apple LCD Ace Retina 3 times, but the current technology is more difficult, low yield, high cost, so it is still in the exploratory stage. However, now Apple has the ability to make this new technology first applied to the small size of the watch on the screen. In fact, Apple as early as 2014 on the acquisition of Micro LED company LuxVue, over the years in this technical reserves continue to increase.
    Prior to this, Apple Watch uses the LG organic self-luminous material OLED, compared to Micro LED brightness higher, more energy efficient, faster response time, better adjustability, even without backlight, electronic products can do more Thin, but the disadvantage is difficult to form the surface as OLED, so the future in the Apple phone, watch, this technology may be used in parallel with the OLED, the surface version of the use of OLED, the ordinary version of the use of Micro LED.
    Apple's upcoming AR products, in view of Micro LED pixel density is very high, do not see the pixels, the technology is formed, it is likely to use large-scale use of AR glasses. And Micro LED in the development of the big screen is also great potential, although the TV manufacturers Sony has been to help out for the OLED, but they have been in the 2017CES, display based on Micro LED large screen display. OLED is not suitable for large-screen, and Micro LED than the liquid crystal technology based on the light quantum dot display better. Have to say, Apple has seen Micro led large screen wide market.
    And Micro LED LCD line with the forefront of display technology, as well as electric quantum dot technology, which can be self-luminous, can also be made into a curved screen, but also because the technical difficulty is too large, still in the laboratory stage, so Apple test Micro LED equipment, is to find and LCD display comparable to the LCD technology, and in the power point before the detonation, in the high-end LCD market share of a certain share, while their own control of the screen initiative, and Samsung a showdown.

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