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Analysis of the development trend of outdoor LED Market

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  • Release on :2016-07-21
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Point spacing
     Indoor LED display of the point spacing is generally reduced from 2-4mm to 10mm. At the same time, there has been less than 2mm products, Riyadh has even been made P0.7 products. There is no doubt that the outdoor LED products to promote the direction of the development of small spacing. Four or five years ago, the outdoor LED common point spacing is 20mm, and now commonly used is the product of P10-12. Now P10 the following is the most common, in the rental market is also popular in the following P10 products. But is it really necessary for the outdoor LED products to pursue a small pitch? A lot of people have doubts about this. The pursuit of space and at the same time sacrifice other things, such as contrast. Users are too superstitious about point spacing, but do they really need it?.
     One of the key differences between outdoor and indoor. Indoor display because of the distance of the reason, so it is better than the outdoor display to see more details of the problem. Therefore, it is important to keep the brightness of the outdoor display to improve the distance. Another difference lies in the competition. Indoor LED competitors have LCD and projection, outdoor more and large print advertising competition. Due to the limited technical level of competitors, so manufacturers have been stationed in the outdoor LED display market.
     So who are the consumers of outdoor LED now the biggest user is not a tenant, nor a retailer, but an outdoor media. It is largely influenced by the outside of Europe, mainly in North America and Asia. The rental market and the traditional sports market have remained stable. In recent years, the education sector has also become a rising buyer, the school's public places are mostly installed display.
     With more manufacturers to join the LED industry, LED industry is facing a very serious price war. Those big LED companies to invest in some of the high efficiency of the plant, down the cost, the use of price war to eliminate small and medium enterprises, there are about 100 Chinese manufacturers have closed down.
     But for buyers, perhaps you will buy a price war because of inferior products.
relation between supply and demand
     At present LED industry oversupply, when you need to buy products, you may receive 500 manufacturers of similar products 10-15, the only difference between these products may only price. In the absence of sufficient knowledge and training, the buyer may be bought back is not satisfied with the product. Compared to a company, they may be more likely to lose confidence in the LED technology. This is a very big blow to the entire industry.

     Another problem that can not be ignored is the ability of LED to resist the environment. You don't know if it's going to be 40 or minus 20 degrees Celsius. The first to deal with is the LED and the module itself. To seal them up. LED packaging technology and the bonding between the modules is very important. If the module quality is not good or glue can not withstand high temperature, the product can not be successful. In the past five years, the packaging technology of the module has been greatly improved. Most LED have IP65 or IP54 protection level, some manufacturers, for example, NEC also added a fire protection devices, such as a metal frame, to ensure that products in the extreme environment will not melt. Of course, this will increase the cost of outdoor is likely therefore to pay 30% of the money, but want to use for a long time will have to pay a little money. But for smart buyers, these costs are worth it. Although it looks the same spacing than indoor outdoor LED products to the high cost of the products, but in fact they are not comparable.
Installation challenge
     Relative to the installation of indoor LED, outdoor LED installation to be more rigorous and difficult. Different from the indoor environment, in the outdoor to consider the high temperature, wind and other factors, so the installation of outdoor LED more complex, at the same time to spend more than the indoor installation.
     Overall LED is rugged and durable products, many products can be used continuously for 5-10 years. But easy damage is the lack of small spacing products. This is a big problem in the rental market, because P20 and P6 product installation technology is the same, but this is obviously not desirable. Outdoor LED also to be low maintenance and easy maintenance, which makes the current pre maintenance technology came into being. At present LED market products are mixed, if you want to buy a good audio-visual products, the best way is to find a trusted partner.
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