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Analysis of how the LED lights into the national market

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  • Release on :2016-10-20
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      Now the LED street light begins to enter the main lighting of the developing country. The initial LED light source is based on monochromatic light. Although the power is low, but the price is high, but it is high reliability, easy to control, small size and so on. Then the first rising market is the electronic device indicator, and then in other lighting market to be popular.
     With the gradual development of LED lighting products, LED lights and other public places lighting, and gradually replace some of the traditional light source products, LED lighting products have been recognized and accepted by the market. LED lighting products such as the reliability of the characteristics are gradually emerging. In the use of higher power and longer commercial applications time, LED lighting products quickly become the new darling of the market. As a result of the use of LED lighting products, the following is a spectrum of solar street lamp manufacturers to analyze the LED market development of several stages.

1, LED lamp replacement acceptance stage

     This stage refers to the LED products in the early stages of development, mainly to reflect its high efficiency (low energy) and long life characteristics. Because of high prices, LED lighting products are mainly used in the commercial market at this stage. In view of the customer acceptance process, the first is the transition and acceptance of the use of habits and appearance. According to the traditional light source compared to the use of energy-saving conditions, so that long life LED lighting products, the price is relatively high, easy to be accepted by the market, especially in commercial applications. Many solar street lamp manufacturers to quality and price advantage as a means of competition.

2, the utility model stage LED lights

     On the basis of the above stage, LED lighting products have been recognized and accepted by the market. Environmental protection, small size, reliability, and other characteristics of LED lighting products gradually appear. Then a series of LED lighting products, is completely different from the traditional light source products will be in many ways. Lighting industry will be greater and more broad space for development. Its wide variety, more suitable for people's work and life in the role. Then, a lot of solar street lamp manufacturers to take advantage of the design and application of competitive means.
3, LED lights intelligent control stage

     LED lighting industry will go through the process, from product manufacturing to design products, and provide total solutions. LED lighting industry also shows high controllability characteristics. The LED lights products and intelligent control system will bring high-quality services to the human, from home to office building, from the road to the tunnel, from the car to walk, from the auxiliary lighting to the main lighting.

      In the new century, LED street lighting products will illuminate the streets of each city, change everyone's life, and LED street lighting development has made great progress.
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