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An eccentric LED light advertisement has won the award...

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  • Release on :2016-07-05
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       At the beginning of the film, is a family of four people sit in the faint light to eat, eat half of a sudden power outages and style began to wrong. The housewife turned on the flashlight (watch her movements) and said, "we have no money to use the light.".
An odd LED lamp advertising awards, and a little scary...

       So the husband in a family of the send off into the jungle of fireflies, five years after the return practice has become a "firefly". Refrain from heart exclaimed, let us then look down.
       The gospel of the village has become the "firefly", not only can fly on the ceiling as a pendant lamp, can also climb up a pole fooled street, sitting on the bicycle halter dress up lights, "firefly" not only solve the home lighting problems, occasionally also can earn extra money... No one seems to feel that there is nothing wrong, everyone (especially the family) are very happy. Or can also be understood as, "light" is really too important?
      If you are able to digest the alienation of "firefly", the story of the characters of "light" obsession, and they kind of indifferent attitude...... The final outcome of the turning point is quite black humor: LED lamp! The firefly can only live for a week, while the LED Ocedel lamp can be used for ten years.
      The brain hole Qingji advertising on Facebook be crazy forwarding, is a "people cry people laugh people are scared to" multiple interpretations of works. Some people put this by the Proxy Companies NITTO Tokyo film and the "Ninth forbidden area", "Mars", Itou Junji's horror comics, as well as Kafka's "Metamorphosis" for comparison.
The ad in 2016 Asia Pacific Advertising Festival, won the FILMLOTUS film class of Grand Prix, and in the last month, ending the Cannes lions Festival gains a silver and a bronze two awards.
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