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American University studies super strong Acid hope to make led cheaper and safer

  • Source:net
  • Release on :2018-03-16
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Researchers at Oregon State State University in the United States have used a much stronger "super strong acid" than car battery acid to improve the performance of "quantum dots" made of copper and indium disulfide, according to foreign media reports. The study is expected to produce cheaper, safer LEDs.

Quantum dots have been used in optics and electronics for some time. But because of the toxicity of lead and cadmium, they are costly to manufacture and are unsafe for some potential applications, such as biomedical imaging.

Greg Herman, a professor of chemical engineering at Oregon State State University, said that "quantum dots can be used in a variety of products and technologies, but for mass consumption, it may be most important to improve LED lighting", and there is now a light crystal TV with quantum dots on the market. ”

In the study, published in the journal Materials Letters, researchers have developed a method of treating a super strong acid that increases the amount of light from non-toxic, non-metallic quantum dots to the extent that cadmium selenide can be achieved.

Greg Herman added: "The light emission from the quantum dots treated by the superacid is much better." There are still problems to be solved, but we have shown that it can improve the lifetime of quantum dots and increase quantum efficiency. And because these quantum dots are non-toxic, they also have the potential to be used in biomedical applications. ”

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