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After the "wolf" really come: Exposure of domestic COB

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  • Release on :2017-05-18
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    Write this article, online Jun is to take the world of the defiance of the truth to the truth. At the beginning of the note, this article is not the title party, but the result of repeated investigations.

Wolf come! What is the wolf?

    Say this wolf before, we first talk about the location of domestic COB. This is actually from the COB product itself to say.

    We know that the reason why COB is out because the light color uniformity and terminal lighting manufacturers assembled simple, eliminating the need for the past SMD patch process, which means that no need to return to the furnace. But with the gradual development of the market, more and more intense competition, COB products appeared polarization, a high-end light to the quality of the market, a low-end cost-effective market.

Low-end low-power market: cost-effective, SMD beat COB

    So what is the relationship with the domestic COB?

    Of course, there is a relationship, because the market has changed, so that high-end market technical barriers to improve the low-end market price war is more intense. As the silicon can be lighting Xia Xuesong said, the low-end market is bound to be price-sensitive, and standard device cost advantage is obvious, especially in the small power market (7W below), discrete devices in the application is completely worse than the COB, so the high-power 7070 / 5050emc products and 2835 SMD light engine to seize is also very normal thing.

     Many domestic COB in the past to take the low-end market, and the application of the majority of small wattage, because the product's own advantage, once brought great growth to the enterprise, also caused a wave of investment hot.

     Although the COB has brought investment hot, but also bring a price war, but the degree of COB shuffle relative to SMD is very light, many companies survive and live well. But the past two years has undergone major changes, which is today to talk about the "wolf" - high-power EMC products and SMD light engine products.

     In recent years, COB has become a battle of LED packaging companies, international manufacturers are more attempt to high-quality high-efficiency COB products opened with the gap between domestic enterprises, to seize the large share of the market, have expanded COB product line, High quality, high efficiency, cost-effective improvement of COB products, and customized services and solutions to become the upstream and downstream manufacturers sales strategy.

     With the COB in the field of business applications, the advantages of more and more obvious, its directional lighting mainstream solutions, it seems to have become the mainstay of the future of the packaging. However, when the fierce competition in the market triggered a price war, COB market is also after 2014 round of the price of the fight after the beginning of the rational price is close to the freezing point.

     But with the sharp rise in raw material costs, the low-end COB low-power application market once again triggered a price war, which makes the beginning to plan to replace the low wattage COB EMC7070 / 5050 products popular, which led to a lot of COO 2016 performance Growth is weak.

     According to Tiansheng Optoelectronics LEDinside said, 2015, 2016 days of electricity high-power EMC products 5050 and 7070 sales were about 10KK, 50KK, and is expected to 2017 to 100KK, these products sales growth reflects the number of times behind Is low wattage COB product sales decline.

    To this end, LEDinsdie survey a number of COB manufacturers to high-end business as the main market of international manufacturers, 2016 annual revenue growth in different ranges, including Citizen, CREE and Lumileds and so on. And in the low-end market-based Chinese manufacturers, the majority of weak growth, or even signs of decline.

High-end market: the international giants occupy the hills, the domestic cut into the difficult

    COB low-end market in the product level was SMD beat, and those who take the high-end COB domestic brands is also struggling. In recent years for high-end COB market, we can most familiar with the concept of light quality.

     Seemingly simple three words, but it is a high threshold of technology, and has always been dominated by the international manufacturers, mainly including Citizen, Nissin, Career, OSRAM Semiconductor, Puri, Langminga And so on. Although domestic manufacturers try to catch up, but there are still some gaps.

    As the domestic focus on COB enterprise silicon can lighting, its general manager Xia Xuesong also said, COB in the high-end market has been the international brand for the mainstream, the current domestic brands are accelerating in the advance, silicon is one of them, but worth it Fortunately, the current silicon has been recognized by all types of benchmarking customers.

    When the domestic COB manufacturers struggling to chase, the foreign plant to continuously upgrade their products, one of the most noteworthy is OSRAM Semiconductor, OSRAM Semiconductor COB products for the light quality of the 10 ° binning, set up a light quality of the high threshold, on the one hand Used to enhance their product light quality, on the other hand to pull the gap with the competitors.

    At the same time because the international manufacturers have a complete COB product line, focusing on product quality, reliability and light intensity, creating high customer use group, also has IP protection, as the main export lighting manufacturers to choose the main supplier.

    While domestic manufacturers rely on cost-effective and huge domestic market strategy, in the past few years to survive well, but because of high-power EMC and 2835 low-power SMD light engine rise, making low-wattage COB competitiveness in the low-end market, a sharp decline , Which led to the current domestic COB predicament.

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