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Advantages and disadvantages to distinguish LED and LCD

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2016-04-01
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1) the screen can be made thinner our attention to see some of the LCD, you can see the layout of a few CCFL tube filamentary, to make the display light evenly, it is also necessary to add some other device, you can not make a very Delgado; the backlight is different, the power LED backlight itself is flat light emitting materials, since there is no need to add other devices.
2) is not the yellow becomes lamp dark fluorescent CCFL and fluorescent lamp since ages long ago, the laptop screen traditionally after two or three years will be yellow and dark, and the life of the screen LED backlit will be much longer, at least two or three times.
3) more energy saving LED is a semiconductor, operating at low pressure, the structure is simple, the power consumption is small.
4) plus the average CCFL lighting in the mercury contamination in the environment, harmless recycling has many difficulties.
1) the relative price is higher today in the case of the same specifications with the traditional CCFL screen between 300-100 yuan.
Advantages and disadvantages of the source CCFL backlight
1) that appears for a long time, technology is relatively mature
2) the color is more stable, professional-level display is still used
3) the price is relatively low
1) shorter lifespan. CCFL lifespan background light source is usually 15,000 hours to 25,000 hours, the use of two to three years later, the LCD screen is dark yellow, which is a short life cycle CCFL caused by the defect.
2) the structure is complex, the uniformity of brightness output is deficient. On the screen the entire screen white or black, the difference between the edge of the screen and the center is very obvious.
3) higher volume
4) high energy consumption
Simply said, LCD and LED are two different display technologies, LCD is composed of liquid crystal display, and the LED display consists of light-emitting diode. However, the current market, said the LED display is not the true sense of the LED display, LED is exactly the LCD backlight, the LCD panel remains the traditional LCD screen. For a more detailed understanding of the difference between the two, but also from the beginning of CCFL and LED.
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