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A text read LED lighting industry development status of Hong Kong

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  • Release on :2017-06-06
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Just ended the 18th Hong Kong International Autumn Lighting Fair data are high. Especially more than 2650 exhibitors from 37 countries and regions, refreshed the exhibitors a new high. And for the first time invited exhibitors from Canada, Hungary, Ukraine and the United Arab Emirates to bring more diversified lighting products to buyers. Various data show Hong Kong's lighting industry in the lighting industry trade advantages. And many exhibitors in Hong Kong local enterprises are highlighting the Hong Kong lighting industry in the lighting industry strong production and trade forces.

From the beginning of 2014 to the first half of 2016 Hong Kong export data can be drawn, most of Hong Kong lighting lighting products from the mainland, only a small part of the local production, and by the international environment, the total exports showed declining year after year. Exports in the first half of 2016 fell to 12% year on year, showing that the trade situation is not optimistic, and autumn lights show full of Dangdang pavilion to form a strong contrast.

Data exported from Hong Kong to countries can be drawn, the last two years, exports to Europe, a substantial decline in the product, especially for the EU exports fell seriously, leading to exports to the EU from 25% to 20%. Hong Kong's exports to the United States showed a growth trend, in the first half of the total decline in exports, the United States accounted for 38% of Hong Kong's total exports, ranking first in the export area.

It is understood that Hong Kong exports a wide range of lighting products, including table lamps, bedside lights, floor lamps and portable lamps. Other main products are still wall lamps and ceiling lamps, chandeliers, lighting equipment and decorative lighting, such as Christmas tree sets of lighting, shade and so on. From the classification of export products, lighting and lighting equipment and portable lighting products are Hong Kong's main export products, the first half of the export were down 16% and 8%. Other major categories are also showing a downward trend.

Exports of various dimensions show that the first half of the Hong Kong local lighting lighting trade situation is not optimistic. With the increasing transparency of the international market and the devaluation of the renminbi and other factors, more and more buyers will choose directly from the mainland manufacturers get goods, thus affecting the huge Hong Kong re-export trade.
On the other hand, the mainland, as opposed to Hong Kong, has an advantage in industrial clusters and manufacturing advantages, also makes the local enterprises in Hong Kong to the factory to the mainland, while the Hong Kong office is responsible for product development, promotion and logistics links.
It is understood that Hong Kong's lighting manufacturers are mostly for overseas importers and distributors for production, including Europe and the United States well-known brands. As the competition is becoming increasingly fierce, ODM expansion has gone beyond the pace of OEM, Hong Kong lighting company's main business. A small number of manufacturers and traders also sell their own brand or trademark lighting products.
In addition, the face of the current style of updating faster, new technologies continue to emerge and other challenges, the urgent need for rapid response, in these areas have a manufacturing base of the mainland more advantages.
Soft power is still evident, Hong Kong status is difficult to shake in the short term
Exhibition influence to help local business development: It is undeniable that the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair as one of the world's most influential lighting lighting exhibition, naturally let the world's lighting lighting twice a year gathered in Hong Kong. And the prosperity of the exhibition for the Hong Kong local lighting industry to provide a "near the water station first month" convenience.
International free trade port, the obvious advantages: Hong Kong pursues a free trade policy, with the exception of a handful of commodities, goods entering and leaving Hong Kong are not tariffs, and customs procedures are simple, the advantages of international trade obvious.
Since the third phase of the Mainland and Hong Kong Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (CEPA) was implemented in January 2006, all products originating in Hong Kong can be imported into the Mainland at zero tariff. Under the established procedure, products that have not yet entered into the CEPA Rules of Origin are eligible for zero tariffs if they are filed by the Hong Kong manufacturer and are in compliance with the CEPA rules of origin agreed by both parties.
Technical certification standards, sound intellectual property protection: most of the Hong Kong companies are able to meet the relevant technical requirements of overseas markets, including the United States UL / ETL certification or similar product safety requirements, as well as the relevant EU safety directives and CE mark requirements. Other similar provisions are Canada's CSA safety standards, coupled with sound intellectual property protection, making Hong Kong a number of international buyers more confidence in the trade object.
National free trade city, convenient language communication and transportation and sound laws and regulations, these buyers fancy soft power, so that Hong Kong in the lighting industry is unique in the short term difficult to shake. Mainland lighting lighting cluster area to replace Hong Kong's industry status, I am afraid there is still a long way to go.

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