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A lamp connected to the whole world: LED visible light communication system

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2016-06-02
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      Light can be illuminated, can also transmit data and images, with the light of the Internet, and then is not the plot of science fiction movies! In support of China Taiwan Department of industrial technology, developed by ITRI "led visible light communication system", the visible light communications module equipment on LED lamps and lanterns, through the LED lighting, in the transmission distance is about 3 meters can reach about 100 Mbps per second transmission capacity, let LED lights both characteristics of energy-saving lighting and intelligent communication and provide broadband access to the Internet, indoor navigation, service personnel location management. Combined with the mobile phone, but also help store positioning services and commercial applications, so that the LED is not only the lighting industry the crispy fried chicken, but also of the next generation wireless communication tomorrow star!
      At present, the visible light communication system is mainly used for low power consumption, long life of LED lamp, and through the visible light to transmit data. Therefore, in addition to at the transmitter can communication network and LED lamp link, and the data after conversion with visible light transmitted out, while visible light receiver are arranged in the receiving end will, to a reception for interpretation of the data is transmitted to a computer or mobile phone, information equipment. If there is a need to upload data, then the video application field situation, the use of infrared, Wi-Fi or increase the visible light equipment and other means of transmission.
      This system integrated communications and lighting, so that data communication can have new spectrum; and different from electromagnetic wave of visible spectrum, not only do not need expensive spectrum license (License-Free, not to mention and some Wi Fi, ZigBee, Bluetooth communication technology using the same frequency band, to avoid mutual interference, even are harmless to the human body, more suitable for used in hospital, the airplane is more susceptible to electromagnetic wave effect of field.
      ITRI information and communications research for the development of visible light communication system, mainly by low power consumption, long service life of the LED lamp and through the emitted visible light to transmit data.
     In addition, because of through visible light transmission data, LED light with directivity, certain luminous angle, as long as the receiving end of a left and a luminous range, or is led visible light is obscured, immediately breaking news, abort transmission, unlike Wi Fi communication technology can use in wide area. The visible light communication system has the characteristics of data and network security, and can be used in the meeting room communication system which needs to be kept secret. At the same time because the LED lighting is limited, as long as the lights can be effectively identified by the location, but also as a tool for precision indoor positioning.
       The various characteristics of this technology, can bring a wide range of applications. For example, in the restaurant to improve the efficiency of scheduling staff in order to serve the needs of the nearby guests, or to ensure that the building security personnel in all major locations are visited, etc.. In all kinds of shops and stores, but also through the visible light communication system to transfer goods or promotional information, consumers can only receive messages through mobile phones. This time in the display of the treasures of science and technology, it is clever to five degrees space for the alternative presentation of the communication pipeline.
      Other special application field, contained in the signal transmission of water, let divers can through the light to transmit voice information, navigation in the water, but also improve safety. Or for sea condition monitoring, water engineering construction etc., can the image data storage, and send unmanned underwater vehicles will be collected back, then can through visible light to transmit and reduced cloth build line network costs.
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