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A battle around the professional lighting battle to fight

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  • Release on :2017-06-13
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Once, the chief executive of OSRAM on the expansion of the general LED lighting market strategy was the company's largest shareholder of Siemens (SIEGEn.DE) attack. But now, OSRAM in the sale of its general lighting business, focus on professional lighting market is increasing efforts.

OSRAM announced the acquisition of LED suppliers in the United States LED Engin Inc .. Headquartered in San Jose, Calif., USA, the company specializes in providing ultra-bright, ultra-compact solid-state lighting solutions for professional markets such as entertainment lighting, UV, gardening, adjustable white and medical lighting applications. Most of its products use LED chips from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors (OS).

LED Engin will be incorporated into OSRAM Special Lighting Division (SP) for professional and industrial lighting applications (PIA). At present, the company has nearly 30 employees, annual sales of about 10 million US dollars.

"We are able to provide our customers with customized lighting solutions under the new opportunities offered by LED Engin," said Hans-Joachim Schwabe, CEO of OSRAM Special Lighting. "The products of LED Engin are suitable for all kinds of special lighting applications, Is a great help for our existing product mix. "

LED Engin products are used in places where strong compact LED light sources or special custom LEDs are required, such as restaurants, shops, museums and galleries. The company also provides lighting products for the gardening market and provides powerful UV LEDs for industrial applications such as the printing industry, UV curing and dental applications.

At the same time, LED Engin and ClayPaky and ADB together in the field of entertainment lighting to enhance OSRAM's value chain. ClayPaky and ADB are OSRAM's professional brands for stage lighting, concerts, large events, theater and TV studio lighting.

"We are excited to join OSRAM," said David Tahmassebi, CEO of LED Engin. "We are looking forward to expanding our product portfolio and customer base and continuing to serve our existing key customers with new resources."

In the second quarter of fiscal year 2017, OSRAM's growth rate increased significantly, according to comparable calculations, that is, adjust the composition of products and currency effects, January to March revenue reached 1.05 billion euros, an increase of about 10%. Compared with a comparable growth rate of about 6% in the same period last year. This growth is mainly due to the continued surge in demand for optoelectronic semiconductors and the automotive industry.

Special lighting (SP) business units, including automotive lighting and professional and industrial lighting applications (PIA), have benefited from the continued strong demand in the automotive industry, comparable revenue growth rate of more than 8%. After the special project adjustment, EBIT increased 16.2% (last year: 15.8%).

"We have almost doubled our growth rate in the second quarter," said Olaf Berlien, chief executive officer of OSRAM Lighting. "We have seen the strongest growth in high-tech business such as optoelectronic semiconductors and specialty lighting, thanks to the current The power of the growth market brought about by the power.

Entertainment lighting

In 2014, in order to expand the lighting business of the entertainment industry, Osram acquired Clay Paky, a privately held company based in Bergamo, Italy. Clay Paky mainly produces shaking head beam lights and chasing light and other stage lighting, as well as in the concert, theater and studio use of the projector, with annual sales of more than 60 million euros.

In 2016, OSRAM acquired the assets of ADB TTV SAS. APB has a production base in Saint Quentin, in the north of France, which provides lighting services for theaters and television studios.

Ultraviolet light

OSRAM in the market segment of the more step by step, which in the field of UV LED has developed a combination of non-visible optoelectronic products extended to UV-C wavelength range of the strategy.

Recently, OSRAM and AlN single crystal substrate supplier HexaTech signed two strategic agreements. These agreements include long-term supply agreements and a number of HexaTech intellectual property (IP) licenses, which involve direct support of AlN (AlN) substrates as HexaTech's 2-inch (diameter) substrate development project.

This will help OSRAM accelerate its development of UV-CLED devices based on HexaTech materials, enabling OSRAM to provide a wide range of products from deep ultraviolet to infrared wavelengths.

Gardening lighting

On May 18, OSRAM announced the acquisition of a stake in a German start-up company Agrilution, a beachhead plant. OSRAM has previously developed a lighting solution for greenhouse plants, and Agrilution developed smart home appliances in the application of OSRAM's LED lighting technology, can be identified in the box planted seeds, and by automatically adjust the temperature, watering and lighting Conditions, so that users can be free from the impact of the weather planted flowers and vegetables.

Based on the wavelengths required for plant lighting, OSRAM has introduced the LED products of dark blue 450nm, red 660nm and far red light 730nm. Among them, 730nm far red LED is a new product developed by Osram for plant lighting. To the whole process of vegetative growth and flowering.

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