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76 billion big cake to be taken, India LED lighting market opportunities!

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  • Release on :2016-07-18
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     With the Indian government's intention to create lighting products export hub for the East Asia and the Gulf states of India, OSRAM, Toshiba and other international manufacturers have India as a base for the production of the global market, so India led lighting market of domestic and external demand great, the future two or three years and the size of the market will be rapid growth. Is expected in 2020 LED lighting market reached 17.15 billion dollars.
India LED market supply chain
      LED lighting market in India in the early growth stage, the domestic supply chain is not complete, although India has a certain number of assembly, design and manufacture of LED lighting company, but LED chips and LED package all rely on imports, some of the larger LED lighting business even directly since China's imports of refined or from China to buy semi-finished products after the self assembly; small enterprises more dependent on imports. The next two years, although the India government will continue to encourage domestic manufacturing, excessive dependence on imports of lighting products will be improved, but the situation in the middle reaches of the industrial chain is difficult to change in a short time.
Introduction and strategy analysis of major lighting manufacturers
       International manufacturers Philips and OSRAM were in India set up R & D center or manufacturing plant, not only optimistic about the prospect of LED market in India, will also plant in India as a global market production base, local manufacturers in addition to Havells, Surya manufacturers have their own manufacturing plants, other manufacturer is mainly imports from China.
       Mature technologies and products of international manufacturers have market share far more than the local manufacturers in India, but now the Indian government vigorously support local enterprises, government procurement case will provide 5% of the quantity to the local LED lighting products manufacturers, the future domestic manufacturers accounted for the ratio will be improved.
       India LED lighting standards for the market and product specifications
The development of LED industry in India has been the Indian government's generous support, the government from various dimensions and promulgated the a series of policies to support the development of the whole industry, which the core is India's national lighting program (slnp) and India, lighting plan (DELP), these two projects of government works standard case also covers the current one-third of the local market size.
       In order to promote the popularity of LED lighting products, the Indian government in the official standard case will continue to lower product prices, and continuously improve the specification of LED products, but at the same time, the profit space is very limited, to the manufacturer, opportunities and challenges coexist.
      Also in order to improve the quality of the products, the Indian government for the product implementation of the specification standards, lighting products to enter the Indian market selling need bis certification and from 2017 onwards, the government mandated manufacturer in LED product labeling energy efficiency label, the whole lamp efficiency at least to achieve 90lm/W.
Analysis of India lighting market
      India lighting market channels mainly have four kinds: Engineering, lighting market, retail outlets and electronic business platform, the project marked the largest share of India LED lighting channels, more than 35%. The main reason is that the India government is actively promoting the lamp replacement. Lighting market in the sale of LED lighting products also accounted for a large proportion.
       In addition, the local small grocery stores in each district has become an important sales channel for lighting products, occupy 23% of the market share. From the electricity business channels, the development of India's e-commerce market is still relatively fragmented, so the proportion is not high.
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