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2017 Aladdin Forum opening innovation to change the LED industry pattern

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  • Release on :2017-06-15
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June 9, 2017, organized by Guangzhou Guangya Frankfurt Exhibition Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Aladdin Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd., Aladdin vertical media, Guangdong South Network Energy Light Asia Lighting Research Institute contract to "think lighting - integration "The theme of the 2017 Aladdin Lighting Forum in Guangzhou China Import and Export Commodities Fair Pavilion grand opening.

The conference is a core topic of technology and innovation. Entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, experts and scholars, opinion leaders and media people from China and the world come together to discuss the future pattern and change of the industry. How to bring the technological innovation to a new Of the realm, to explore and explore the future development of China's LED new kinetic energy. Guangzhou Aladdin Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Liu Jun presided over the opening ceremony of the Aladdin Forum.

It is noteworthy that the opening of the General Assembly set as the global lighting supply chain innovation collaboration summit, and launched the "global lighting on the 1st", hope that through the global supply chain collaborative innovation for the lighting industry to bring new opportunities and new changes, open the lighting industry The new era.

According to the organizers, the Aladdin Forum this industry event is a new attitude to the LED industry chain upstream and downstream of the essence of all areas, focusing on 2017 industry hot spots. Industry CEO, CTO and other elite gathered together on the development of hot topics in-depth study and research. Thinking clash, wisdom shine, will bring the freshest, cutting edge of the industry innovation and wisdom.

Director of Guangzhou Guangya Exhibition Group, Director of Guangzhou Guangya Frankfurt Exhibition Co., Ltd. Dr. Pan Wenbo

Guangzhou Guangya Exhibition Group Chairman, Guangzhou Guangya Frankfurt Exhibition Co., Ltd., Dr. Pan Wenbo, said in his speech, "Global Lighting 1" that "global lighting industry procurement management and supply chain trading platform" by the Guangzhou Guangya Exhibition Group And the global supply chain trading platform zber, in the integration of the world's largest procurement network resources (SAP Ariba), Aladdin platform resources, and the advantages of light sub-professional show on the basis of side by side to build and operate through the "Internet + Global Procurement" service to help Lighting enterprises to achieve rapid reduction of efficiency, upgrading and upgrading, collaborative innovation.

Zber Chairman Chen Xiaofeng (left), Guangzhou Aladdin E-Commerce Co., Ltd. Managing Director Cheng Yun (middle), Power China Dr. Su Xiaochu (right one) completed the contract

More worth the wait is that China Power Construction Group is jointly Guangzhou Guangya Exhibition Group - Aladdin e-commerce company to build "along the way" lighting industry overseas joint marketing platform. Along the way, illuminate the future, but also to illuminate the entire lighting industry. With the central enterprises to open the way, with the "online" multi-level supply chain management system, with multiple cooperation mechanism under the "Internet + supply chain finance" innovation, "all the way" will give the lighting industry to bring new market opportunities. Mr. Cheng Yun, Managing Director of Guangzhou Aladdin Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd., as the signing representative, cooperated with the two sides, and the global lighting procurement management and supply chain transaction innovation cooperation platform was officially launched.

Mr. Chen Yansheng, chairman of CALI / China Lighting Association, pointed out that China's lighting industry after years of development, China has become the world's largest producer and exporter of lighting products, China's lighting products in the global market market share of more than 50%. In the new economic normal, the future direction of the development of enterprises is not bigger, but to be strong, so as to be competitive in the international market, while creating China's national brand.

Zber / Global Supply Chain Trading Partner, Mr. Chen Xiaofeng, chairman of the forum, said the theme of China's economy and enterprises are facing serious challenges, "Internet + global procurement" to become the ultimate redemption. He said that e-commerce is a "sales-driven", and "procurement-driven" e-commerce to complete the global resource optimization, to achieve global procurement and supply chain network collaboration, so as to achieve cost reduction and quality innovation.

China as the world's major LED exporting countries, with the domestic market tends to saturation, LED enterprises "going out" to find the industry to develop new growth pole and profit growth point is like a general trend. Power China / China Power Construction Group International Engineering Company Deputy Director of New Business Development Dr. Su Xiaochu issued an invitation, China Power Construction and Guangzhou Guangya Exhibition Group based on the two sides in their respective areas of strong influence together, I hope the lighting companies to join China Construction Group overseas joint marketing platform, in the overseas joint development of the terminal market.

Samsung Electronics / Samsung Electronics Dr. Jacob Tarn EVP LED Business Team also gave the audience entitled "LED lighting market trends," the theme of sharing. He said that the advanced LED industry is in a state of rapid change, but the other side is also a rather irrational state. "This is a worst of times, is also a best time", we can see if you can grasp the pulse of the market, grasp the market drive, and thus become the winner of change.

Zber Global Supply Chain Trading Collaboration (B2B) platform, as SAP Ariba's global supply chain (BPO) strategic licensing partners, and the Chinese and German prime ministers witnessed the first domestic "procurement-driven" industrial e-commerce platform, Powerful platform benefits and online resources. At the conference, Mr Musa Unmehopa, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of ZigBee alliance, shared the theme of "Technology Trends in Intelligent Lighting and Global Markets".

Mr. Liang Litian, Director of the Project Research Center of the EPISTAR / EPDM Co., Ltd. Marketing Center, said that the future has come, today's photoelectric innovation, to promote the future of the world. He believes that a new round of intelligent interconnection technology storm heat struck, opportunities are distributed in the LED industry, subversive revolution is approaching.

The three-day "2017 Aladdin Lighting Forum" has a grand curtain. Think of lighting, integration of the future, more than Aladdin lighting forum theme seminar will continue, through the Chinese and foreign lighting elite on the various key issues in-depth discussion, to promote industry innovation, will also be in Guangzhou International Lighting Fair during the meeting Professionals bring a richer view of the exhibition.

It is understood that 2017 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition exhibition area of ​​180,000 square meters, attracting more than 20 countries and regions from around the world, 2,428 companies together, with the most innovative lighting products and cutting-edge technology on the same stage, and further Consolidate the exhibition as the world's most influential and most comprehensive lighting and LED industry exhibition status.

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