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2016,Popular trends and Main Market of LED Light

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2016-03-08
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(1) the development path: standardization -- homogenization - scale - capital - intensive (monopoly); 
(2) the small and medium-sized enterprise lies in the specialization and differentiation; 
(3) the alliance has advantages and bottlenecks, the bottleneck is to allow enterprises to lose their individuality and originality, and sooner or later Union Day will occur differentiation; 
(4) the capital is short and long, defect is, from the capital to solve the problem, will eventually be detonated by capital; 
(5) low prices can kill, can also kill themselves, can even kill an industry; 
(6) dimming LED lighting has become the norm products, 2016 will be coerced light intelligent access to all areas; 
(7) to replace the grille lamp panel lamp is a kind of inevitable trend, but the rhythm of technology improvement;
(8) LED products more and more thin, light like a paper thin in the near future will become a reality; 
(9) Future a few manufacturers to the lamp to do more and more heavy will also meet with nostalgia, or conservative feelings of consumer demand; 
(10) cob integration is becoming more and more mature, replace the bulb is real, and not a trend; 
(11) nature, filament lamp impossible long popular. But in 2016, filament lamp also will not bring down a fever, will be popular a year; 
(12) special lighting in the breakdown of the market will become the huge cake in the future; 
(13) automotive lighting as a most tempting LED lighting category, the requirements of technology will be getting higher and higher.
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