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I inport your light, if Ican't sell?

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2015-12-17
         Shenzhen Risen OPTO Co.,Ltd,LED Flood Light Manufacturers,led wall washer light suppliers,led smd 5730 flood light.Lighting dealers have asked: "? I get your lights, you can not sell it back."

         Lighting boss said: "I advise you not got, because there is such a mentality, you are bound to sell it!"

         Sell lamp dealer asked: "I give these samples to take photographs, it was again getting goods to you?"

          Lighting boss replied: "Then I suggest you do not shoot, because there is such a state of mind, you also destined to sell because you even do not believe in yourself, even getting goods have no courage, there is no reason for me. I believe you sell out. "

         That there are no free dinner, no sleight of hand tricks of the trade, saw it doing well, do not worry too much, otherwise miss the opportunity.

         You want to win, you must first play. Customers who want to make money, first determine your goals to give themselves a good position, because the return is required to pay.

         If you can not do even the most basic pay, hesitating, hesitant, then the best would not have dreamed of a lot of money, a house and a car.

         So we hope and courage, motivated, courageous, ambitious distributors, our joint venture, to common prosperity! Common prosperity is the only way out.

          Have called Newspeak sentence: eat life of hardship, can only open the tiger! Agree? Lighting dealer friends.

          Sell lamps friend, if in order to sign the bill, to be very confident, confident of the product, but also on their ability to sell self-confidence.

           No one is born will sell lighting, a shop and no one can be successful, numerous failures only in exchange for a success!

           You are the best person to sell lamps, go for it! Market downturn, it was a hero! Come on! Cheers for you!
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