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More streamlined than the Philips HUE?Where strong of the smart bulb

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2015-12-15
        Shenzhen Risen OPTO Co.,Ltd,led RGB light supplier in china,LED RGB FLOOD Light with 24VAC Input Voltage,led lamp fixtures supplier.Venture company Qube has launched a namesake of intelligent networking bulbs, and compared to similar products available in the market, it has no small advantage in terms of price and simplicity.

         According to reports, Qube Intelligent light bulbs can display 16 million colors, brightness of 800 lumens, equivalent to 60W bulb and can be used directly in the existing E26 / E27 screw. Unlike other similar products Philips Hue, Qute device can work without control center. Each Qube can be independently connected to the Wi-Fi, and the user's home router to communicate directly. At the same time, Qube built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth antenna also enables communication between the bulb and motion synchronization.

          Qube supporting the application can support IFTTT and other control platforms, so in theory, Qube can and other appliances and applications work together. For example, a weather application can change according to the weather forecast to trigger illumination.

           Qube is currently being carried out all the chips Indiegogo, priced from $ 16 (RMB 102 yuan), it is expected to ship in April next year.

          If the Qube can successfully market, its price is about $ 19 - more than Philips and Osram bulbs companies such as multicolor much cheaper, the two giants to sell similar products sell for about $ 59.99.

          Qube said the company intends to drive down profit margins, hoping to better penetrate the market.

          Philips Hue is probably the most famous of intelligent networking market today bulbs, Osram and General Electric have also launched a similar product. The industry this year, there have been some new faces, including LED light bulb manufacturer CREE, from January of this year the company began production of intelligent networking bulbs.

           Astro also startups launched in June this year called Twist smart bulb. The company can fit into the system using Apple's AirPlay audio playback capabilities in their products, hoping to stand out in order.

          Cree, Osram and Philips brands smart bulbs are compatible Wink Hub and other smart home platform, which also supports the Nest thermostat and digital door locks and other networking equipment.

          But the Qube has said, in order to streamline operations, the company's light bulb does not support these smart home platform. They said: "Unlike other bulbs need the help of a core hub platform to normal use different and each has its own Qube Wi-Fi connection, it is possible to exchange data directly with the router to start."

          Qube bulb Wi-Fi and Bluetooth built-in antenna that can transmit data to each other in order to work together.

          But Qube also said that the company's mobile applications and supporting the use of light bulbs IFTTT other platforms are also supported, so in theory, you can associate bulb and other appliances or applications. For example, a weather application that allows room to adjust the brightness of the lamp according to the weather forecast.

          Qube Singapore startups Innova Technology spin-off business in the United States, the whole team a total of nine people who have been working together for two years.

          Innova Technology is probably best known Protag Duet security products, this Bluetooth device can be used with smart phones, signals from the phone after a certain range, so as to alert the user mobile phone may be stolen.

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