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Will the past winter? Great person to talk about prospects for 2016

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2015-12-15
        Shenzhen Risen OPTO Co.,Ltd,outdoor Landscape led light supplier,led garden spike light supplier,led buried underground light supplier.2015 will soon be over, as the first year of the golden stage of development of LED industry, it seems unable to confirm this prediction. On the one hand, LED lighting demand increasing popularity of acceleration, and largely replaced traditional light sources and lighting applications, LED industry presents tremendous opportunities; on the other hand, the influx of business and blind expansion led to market competition is too intense, chain each end product gross margin showed a sharp decline in the previous third quarter results can be seen. According to the agency predicted 2015 global high-brightness LED market value reached 14.52 billion US dollars, the annual growth of only 2%. This year, LED industry has been closed down, layoffs, foot and other negative energy shrouded companies hold together for warmth to survive the winter, in 2016 the LED industry in turn show what kind of scene?

LEDinside research Roger Chu: 2016 LED industry growth will enter a gentle period

         2016 high-brightness LED market value of about $ 14.95 billion, the annual growth of 3%, or even compound annual growth rate over the next five years, LED industry will not likely appear as more than 10% growth rate in the past, industry growth will enter the flat period.

         Nichia in Taiwan spokesman Watanabe: 2016 will move toward integration with the phase-out, estimated the overall market growth rate of about 5%

          LED industry oversupply this year, counting on government subsidies to Chinese industry from the price cut prices shipping, international manufacturers have big price war, making the market into a comprehensive "Red Sea" battlefield, will be gradually phased out by 2016 and the entire Phase . Even small and medium sized LED manufacturers, the key to business survival is still that "technology" in order to survive in the future market. Next year China and the European market will continue to slump and chaos, but overall, the overall market will be about 5% of slight growth.

Epistar chairman Bingjie: 2 years, 40% LED lighting penetration point of view

         He said that the global LED industry, the greatest demand, and the increase in the number of the most obvious is the LED lighting market, due to America's future in 2016, 2017 will accelerate the completion of LED lights and other public lighting facelift, home use LED lighting proportion It will increase the next two years, after possible energy saving lamps, which is fluorescent disappear. LED lighting penetration proportion of the overall estimate is about three percent Daosi Cheng, we can see a lot of LED lighting manufacturers for related business development.

Epistar innovative applications of R & D centers Associate Xu Jialiang Group: future general lighting market is just "bread and water"

        Even coming alive in the lighting market, just "bread and water." 2016 real profit growth in niche markets. Because the market has not spread and there is technical barrier when you have profit space, such as IR, UV, and other special application market.

Harmony Technology Chairman Liang Xudong: enterprise to achieve the ultimate gain a firm foothold

        Next year conventional display, lighting chip companies still flies more difficult, perhaps need to adjust the way by pushing into warm, though, so there are many companies profitable. In the segments, the market competition is not so intense, but enterprises must do better, even extreme gain a firm foothold.

Ge Wei, director of the new rich photovoltaic market: integrated integrated product development direction

        Future LED light diffusion plate to achieve functional, integrated, lightweight, light-diffusing plate as an integrated product launch.

Chen Heng, general manager of the SanDisk integrated: power is linear IC's profit growth

        In the high-power field, using a linear scheme saves costs 7/10 higher profits this part of the market, it will be 2016 LED driver IC industry's future profit growth.

Ming Microelectronics Marketing Director Zhaochun Bo: the next two years Linear IC market share up to 30% -40%

        Linear IC's current market share of around 15%, although the proportion of small, but the upward trend is obvious, especially in large companies guiding role, many companies have tried to use a linear constant current scheme, according to this trend down, the next two years the market share could reach 30% -40%. .

Op CEO Ding Long: LED lamps lighting the city next 2--3 years a large number of collapse

        Current status deserted LED lamps lighting accessories Zhongshan City, will soon transfer to the LED lamps Lighting Accessories city across the country, I believe that the future of 2--3 years we can see a lot of lamps lighting the city will collapse.

        In terms of products, the first in the next 1--2 years, to meet the public demand for the products: such as lamps, brackets, light bulb, an ordinary lamp and other large-scale, standardized products, will continue to price competition. This stems from two reasons: excess supply of upstream and downstream of the dispersion; second, to meet the needs of professional users of the product, which stems from the characteristics of LED products tend to customization Development and Industrial 4.0 combined, based on user demand Value-based development; and third, LED intelligent direction overall is still in the exploration and rapid development stage, including applications, technology route, cross-border cooperation with the Internet Corporation.

HKTDC survey results: in 2016 the lighting market will remain stable, while mainland China, Western Europe, ASEAN and North America is the largest market growth potential

        The exhibition, about 86% of respondents and 90% of respondents buyers exhibitors expect 2016 sales unchanged or increased. These percentages and the April 2015 Spring Lighting Fair-minded outlook on the market about the same proportion of respondents. However, it is noteworthy that, compared with the previous survey, the expected 2016 sales unchanged (compared with 2015) of the respondents has risen, while the expected increase in the proportion of sales decreased. Overall, the global lighting market is expected next year will remain stable.
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