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LED lighting is not everything , and QL-Lamp can coexist?

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2015-12-12
          Shenzhen Risen OPTO Co.,Ltd,LED Flood Light Manufacturers,led wall washer light suppliers,led smd 5730 flood light.Lamp belongs to the fourth generation of lighting products, no filament, no electrode, is "non-electrode gas discharge fluorescent lamp" for short. Compared with energy saving lamps, metal halide, high pressure sodium and other traditional sources, which has significant advantages. Electromagnetic induction lamp is a comprehensive application of optics, power electronics, the latest scientific and technological achievements in the field of plasma science, magnetic materials science and other research and development out of the high-tech products, is a high-efficiency, long life, high color rendering, on behalf of the future of lighting technology The new direction of the light source.
And LED lamp can coexist?
         At present, public awareness, there is a misunderstanding, that is identified is the development direction of LED lighting industry, that all places should use LED products. But in fact this is an error of perception, "LED is all," this view entirely "untenable" in.
For example, such as HID (metal halide, sodium) much higher luminous efficiency than fluorescent lamps, metal halide lamps but will not completely replace fluorescent lamps, residential, light industry and other indoor low space, small area is dominated by a fluorescent lamp, large industrial, high lighting space, large-scale, outdoor and other places is the main battlefield of HID. Whether a light source capable of survival in the market, is determined by characteristics of the product, it is the trend of development of the industry of the decision.
          Since fluorescent and HID can coexist two generations, why lamp and LED can not coexist with the generation? It's like gasoline and diesel engines, regardless of speed, vibration or noise, no doubt more advanced gasoline engine, diesel engine seems to be only a little advantage in terms of torque. However, the gasoline engine does not fully replace the diesel engines, diesel is thriving in the field of truck, gasoline is demanding speed, comfort is an absolute leader in the field of passenger cars.
          Now LED technology is constantly improving them, and lamp technology is very mature. The reason why some quality lamp instability phenomenon, mainly because some small factories do not master the key technology, and even cut corners, shoddy, which has not a technical issue, but capacity and economic issues. Yutong Bus, Shuanghui food, Coca-Cola, Zhongfu Industry, Aeolus Tyre other enterprises bulk purchase of long ago as an alternative to metal halide lamp, some companies use the time for nearly a decade, quality is not a big problem, not only the absence of life short, and very low light decay, which is sufficient to prove the superiority of lamp.
           At the same time, LED high power lighting source light fades serious presence, power strobe, failure and other shortcomings, the question frequently. June 8, 2015, the US Pennwell analyst Maritin shih in "2015 GSC International LED market analysis and Channel Strategy Conference," pointed out, the world's largest LED market in the United States and China, accounting for 21 percent, followed by Europe, about 18%, on variety, civil, commercial LED rapid development, including lights, including LED mining lamp is developed slowly, mainly because there is a serious mining lamp LED light failure, and expensive. LED power market heat problem not been resolved, nor is it can not be solved, but the need to address the high costs, even as the United States does not accept the ultra-high-end market, they also need high cost!
           Why lamp manufacturer less than normal?
           Lamp biggest feature is the "long life" and "stability", and lamp industries like LED industry wide range of applications, its main application areas are engineering fields. In the United States and Europe in this field is very high on the "quality" of "stability" requirement, companies can not guarantee that the above two points, did not survive. Less lamp industry practitioners, to ensure product quality, companies in all aspects of the product must have strict control, including lighting, electronic ballasts, lamps and other sectors should have excellent technology. Therefore, only light, electronic ballasts, lamps are the three main aspects of the development of independent production companies, in order to control the quality of a good lamp products, but also to ensure the core features of lamp. That is why the lamp industry a small number of existing firms, the most critical reason is that lamp high technical threshold, resulting in the number of firms less than normal.
           LED lamps and lamp has its own advantages, but also have shortcomings, the key is we really want to understand these characteristics, so avoid weaknesses, rational use, to play their respective advantages for human life service, this is our fundamental standpoint develop a new generation of lighting products, rather than make a "who is good and who's bad," the simple judgment.
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