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Why do we need smart light bulb?

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2015-12-10
           Shenzhen Risen OPTO Co.,Ltd,led RGB light supplier in china,LED RGB FLOOD Light with 24VAC Input Voltage,led lamp fixtures supplier.Old traditional bulb has gradually been replaced by a new generation of intelligent light bulb, with the change of the times, the modern intelligent light bulb has been more and more functions. Not only can be wireless remote control so simple, modern intelligent light bulb many more possibilities phone APP. Adjust brightness, change colors, strobe mode, play music and even help you to sleep.

            When your friends come to your house Party when a light bulb definitely make a lot of eye-catching decoration your bright, smart lamp that now are, what are the particular functions?

Adjust brightness
          An essential feature intelligent light bulb is that you can adjust the brightness, rather than at home, install a dimmer switch. Simply intelligent dimmable bulb screwed into the light in your home, and the appropriate application with the lamp can be achieved darker or lighter.

Wireless Control
           Some smart bulbs, even if you are not at home can also achieve control scheduling. When you're on vacation, you can also use the lights "pretend" someone at home, this is a big security options. Most bulbs brand provides a hub for all of the lights can be synchronized together, so you can use an application control them.

play music
           Imagine, no messy speaker wire, but still able to hear the music in any room, smart lamp built-in speaker can do this. Some bulbs also emit the corresponding color according to the mood of music with light oh ~

Change color
           Many intelligent lamp also change color. Some of these, such as Flux intelligent LED bulbs can have more than 16 million kinds of colors. You can click on the phone bulb application of the color wheel to select the exact color you want.

Help sleep
          Intelligent light bulbs can even help you sleep better. One day, sooner or later move according to time and change the color temperature, help sleep, to help the body regulate melatonin inhibits the body to help in the daytime melatonin levels, increase melatonin during sleep.

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