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Lighting is a promising industry?

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2015-12-08
          Shenzhen Risen OPTO Co.,Ltd,led RGB light supplier in china,LED RGB FLOOD Light with 24VAC Input Voltage,led lamp fixtures supplier.According to the horizon door industry reports, people start time has come, if it is not pro-business, you can choose to lighting industry. Because this is just to be a sunrise industry, today Xiaobian from the following six aspects to talk about our lighting industry, why have a future?

           Women are afraid to marry the wrong husband, male fear of the wrong. I assure you that the lighting industry is definitely not make you regret industry, we do not believe to see:

The first lamp has a great consumer groups.

          Lighting is popular products, and everyone is necessary. High-end, mid-range, secure against the light, everything, to meet different customer needs. And there is no need effort to sell the market, this is a high demand for the industry. Because every household can not do without lights. As for the market, then look at each of the lighting business of marketing.

Second according to reputation, to expand consumption.

          No matter how good your product is, if a few years have not produced another consumer, then you will close. The lamp is rather special, once with a good, old customers will introduce new customers. Good light a lamp, and sometimes that is a stepping stone, excellent quality, usually bring repeat consumption and related consumption. So light plant bigger and bigger, business is getting along.

The third light, it is affordable.

          This is very to the force, like LV bag, Chanel perfume, Mercedes-Benz, not everyone affordable. The lights do, everyone buy from. Economic conditions are not good, you can choose the People First ceiling, energy-saving lamps; money, you can choose LED lamps, crystal lamps and so on. Markets have always been, so do not worry about the problem of unemployment.

The fourth product, good promotion.

          Ceiling lamps, chandeliers, crystal lamps, table lamps, lighting, floor lamps, lamp and other lamps readily available. Living room lights, bedroom lights, corridor lights, emergency lights, lamp lights there. Such products, if you open a lighting store, a lot of running the market, like the push. Also what better than this work, it does not worry about product expires, do not worry about a single product.

Fifth cost control, profit can be increased.

          Cost for general lighting business: raw materials, labor, rent, utilities and so on. These are controlled and reduced orders, and can be less raw material purchase point. Market downturn, may be less open stores and the like. But if the product is good and stable quality, it can provide value-added products, the selling price may also improve more. Some do a good light, and its product is the high value-added, high price, as do well. So do good lighting company, its profits can be increased.

The sixth is a timeless lighting industry sectors.

           People say that spotted the trend win the future, small series can confidently say that the lighting industry is definitely a timeless, better and better industry. Kerosene from the previous incandescent to energy-saving lamps now, LED lights, look at these changes, you will feel the lighting industry with the times. Future lamps may be more intelligent, perhaps more wonderful ......

After reading this, do you find the lamp and the future is still promising ah, then do it well!
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