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Two "Ugly" LED Light

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2015-12-07

History of the smallest flash lamp lume let not burdensome
          A reference to an external flash, the vast majority of my friends will think of heavy machine dome light. Although these flash can provide a strong complement to our light effects, but they larger size, and weight is not small, regardless of the volume or size of the installation to have a great impact on top of the fuselage. In fact, the use of such products SLR okay, after all, it does not appear top-heavy situation, but portable camera or no trans products? Will be very weird is not it? Recently, a company called Lume (lumens) on sights such gaps in the market, introduced a super-compact lights.

          Above this small lamp nicknamed Ming cube, its volume than the GoPro sports camera is also compact, very light weight, and also has three anti-function. The next cube can use in many adverse situations, such as rain, desert or even 100 feet underwater, these are no problem for it is. It is through the use of smart phones to connect remotely, through APP for photo power adjustment.

400 lumens of bright light "Butterfly"
         Thanks to its 3D design rotatable lamp, its flexibility can be fully qualified majority of lighting needs.
          By the invisible magnet integrated to form the bottom of the lamp. This makes can be adsorbed on the metal surface "Roxxane Fly". 

          The lamp light intensity reached 400 lumens, and its light intensity may be represented by one of the top free touch sensor adjustment. According to the brightness of the choice, it can be no pressure supply 4-20 hours of electricity, it uses a micro-USB charging cable for charging jack and cable.This LED light design powered by a rechargeable battery, called "Roxxane Fly", people could not help think of dancing butterflies when opened.
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