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LED, how good is it?

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2015-12-04
       Shen Risen OPTO Co.,Ltd,LED Flood Light Manufacturers,led wall washer light suppliers,led smd 5730 flood light.The increasing tension in the energy supply, energy saving and emission reduction become the background of world fish to fry, led to the province can lighting, uniform distribution and high reliability, using a long time, reduce the emission of carbon dioxide and other traits, plays a leading role in energy saving and environmental protection.
          Born in the late 50's LED, is English "Light Emitting Diode" acronym, Chinese called light emitting diode. In fact, LED has entered into our daily lives, such as drinking fountains, telephone, television, mobile phone, MP3, etc., as long as the electrical appliances, and now there is no LED. The red spot these appliances on the body, is the figure of LED.
          Usually listen to the legend, LED is particularly good, called for a wide range of use. So, how good is LED? After comparing with the traditional incandescent lamp, it may make us have a clear understanding.
Incandescent light bulb life of about 1000 hours, although not short, but there is a big problem, that is, energy conversion efficiency is too bad, because of which 90% of the energy into the heat, only 10% to become the required lighting. In other words, the light bulb is only a by-product of the incandescent lamp. Light emitted by the LED, belong to cold, heat, there will be no extra energy is wasted, and in energy efficiency has great significance.
           LED is a compound semiconductor element, when with a small current through to plus or minus diode PN interface, you can shine, in the CIS light to current, reverse is extinguished. Compared with incandescent lamp or a fluorescent lamp, LED light belongs to cold light, has the advantages of high brightness, small volume, energy saving, service life of up to tens of thousands of hours to 10 million hours.
          The principle of LED is different from incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp. Incandescent lamps must be above 3000 degrees of high temperature operation, fluorescent lamps will have to use high voltage excitation electron beam, and LED only 2 to 4 volts of voltage, in normal temperature can be normal operation - also because of its polarity, life can be up to 1 hours or more.
          The color of the light emitted by LED depends on the use of semiconductor materials, the blue, green, red, white and other visible light can be received, but it looks more comfortable.
          LED different colors have different applications, along with the emergence of white LED, which has the advantages of high efficiency, small power consumption, long life, fast response, high hardness and easy damage and other traditional light source can not match the advantages, known as the twenty-first Century new light source. Only, the price is too high is the main reason for the failure of white LED.
           The biggest characteristic of white LED is to save energy and reduce pollution. It is understood that the white LED is more than 1 times higher than the traditional incandescent luminous efficiency, the future can be raised to more than 10 times. Assumptions in the developed area of a 30 million people, 25% of incandescent lamps and 100% of the fluorescent lamp is white led to replace the words, then, it is estimated that every year, approximately 110 billion kwh of electricity, is about a nuclear power plant in power.
           To prevent the greenhouse effect, protect the earth environment, but also the goal of white LED lighting. Because white LED can reduce the use of crude oil in the power plant, so the amount of carbon dioxide emissions generated during the process of power generation will also be significantly reduced. According to foreign relevant information estimates, the use of white LED lighting, will be able to make global annual emissions of 25 tons of carbon dioxide, to prevent the greenhouse effect and green earth environment contribute very much.
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