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Smart LED bulb appeared, no longer have to worry about power outages friends

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2015-12-02
           Shenzhen Risen OPTO CO.,Ltd,led RGB light supplier in china,LED RGB FLOOD Light with 24VAC Input Voltage,led lamp fixtures supplier.Power is a very annoying thing, especially for people who have nyctophobia, this is a nightmare, and suddenly the whole world into silence. You can not watch TV, around the pitch-dark, and this time the light source becomes extremely important. Recently, a man named SmartCharge the Kickstarter project can be described as the great savior of power, in fact, it is a built-in energy storage with LED bulbs, in other devices when no power supply, it can be safe.

            SmartCharge LED bulbs fit all standard lamps, so if you want to use it, simply down to replace ordinary light bulbs. And it is higher than ordinary incandescent lamp for energy-saving rate of 90%, and under normal conditions of use period up to 25 years, of course, we have not had a chance to verify this figure. Once a power outage, SmartCharge built reserve battery can provide four hours of lighting time, until the normal power supply is sufficient for the power company.

            If you think SmartCharge just an accumulator lamp only, then you misjudge it, it's just that it's "Charge" function, it has "Smart" side. Why say that? Because SmartCharge can remember the location of the light switch before power off, then resumed again when the power supply to maintain power and before the same state. 

            Currently, SmartCharge is seeking $ 50,000 in funding on Kickstarter, and now there are 42 days away from the end of the fund-raising, it has raised nearly $ 15,000 in funding. SmartCharge support single bulb starting price of US dollars (about 213 yuan) 35, and non-intelligent LED bulb contrast sold on the US market now is still very reasonable price, its developers said Suman expected in April next year, will products shipped to the user.
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