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What kind of lighting needs of the elderly?

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2015-11-30
          Shenzhen Risen OPTO Co.,Ltd,led flood light supplier,Aluminum Alloy Flood Light Manufacturers,waterproof led lamps supplier chinaLight environment should be established from the old psychological demands as a starting point, through the right lighting applications to meet the needs of the elderly. Elderly housing are generally sunny room, so as to increase the sense of space indoors, the elderly will feel more comfortable. 

          Between bedroom hallway leading to the bathroom installation footlights, convenient lighting at night. Lighting switch is also preferably mounted at the door, easy to use. Easily overlooked where there is: a kitchen worktop and sink top, above the bathroom mirror and washbasin and so on. 

           Elderly generally bad eyesight, urinate relatively frequently, and therefore a number of indoor lighting should be bright, in the hallway, bathroom and kitchen of the local, stairs, bed, etc. should be possible to arrange some light, but the light source must not be too complicated, do not mounted lights, or the color is too strong chiaroscuro of light and vivid colors are not suitable. 

What kind of lighting needs of the elderly? Lighting design recommendations 

1, to improve the level of room lighting 

           Exists for the elderly with normal brightness light source of a big difference, such as general illumination, the elderly brightness standard value is 1.5 times normal, while a larger gap between traffic lighting and night lighting, reaching 3-5 times . This need to improve the illumination level, you can use some of the bright colors of diffusion-type material to do the walls, ceilings and floors, to ensure the indoor brightness. 

2, due to increase visual contrast 

          Appropriate use of accent lighting to improve safety factor, with lighting to create a spatially limited brightness and contrast, making it clear geographical clear hierarchy, using color contrast to make space to convey visual information easy to identify. 

3, visual hierarchy clearer 

           Avoid using complicated decoration, ornate complex light environment is not conducive to visually recognize the elderly, increasing the burden on the visual, clear and simple lighting, to make room for structured, clear visual information. 

4, to ensure the transition and brightness uniformity 

           Reduce the brightness change larger local space, at the same time, set a reasonable transition and buffer space, to ease the situation in space conversion process brought to light the eyes can not adapt. Dark adaptation elderly weakened suddenly darkened space easy to bring a fall, collision Ming adaptability and other security risks weakening the elderly, suddenly bright space easily cause dizziness, visual fatigue and other physical hazards.

5, adjustable illumination 

           Read books and newspapers requirements according to high, soft lighting ...... best casual chat in different activities lighting requirements are different, the elderly because the vision has declined, more prone to eye fatigue, so it's best to set the adjustable illumination elderly housing lamps or control panel, which is to improve one old room lighting comfort easiest way. 

6, color temperature 

           Elderly housing main lighting is recommended that you choose a warm color temperature of lighting, because the warm light can give the elderly a serene, warm feeling, more suitable for the physical, psychological needs of the elderly, and for the elderly reading lamps lighting color temperature compared with the best selection of high, no flicker of professional reading lamps, in order to avoid long time to read to the elderly eyesight damage.

7, to avoid glare 

          Glare is commonly called "dazzling", easily cause eye pain and reduced vision. The case of the elderly eye recession, but also to avoid the glare of production. So reducing direct light, multi-use to avoid the glare of lamps and floor, furniture, etc. may produce reflective glare surface using dip reflection material.
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