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LED lighting, how to develop the next "golden years"?

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2015-11-27
           Shenzhen Risen OPTO Co.,Ltd,outdoor Landscape led light supplier,led garden spike light supplier,led buried underground light supplier.First should be noted that regardless of whether usher in the "golden years", people for the future of LED technology still have absolute confidence. This confidence is huge potential for a large one direction from the smart home industry. As we all know, Google 32 billion acquisition of the company next year, officially opened the intelligent hardware and smart home market, and declaring the advent of intelligent era of high-profile. And an important direction of smart home application that is smart lighting, and many experts said that with intelligent LED-based lighting technology is likely to be detonated in the future smart home market of real entrance.
           So how, by Smart Home LED Dongfeng glory it?
           Speaking of smart home, in fact, at the same time optimistic about its enormous potential, still to remain calm thinking. The current smart home industry still has many problems, such as "pseudo-smart", such as "hard landing" and so on. Therefore, smart home must first solve the following three questions:
           The first is the standard, smart home industry needs a unified technical standards, will be compatible with the maximum degree of liberalization, in order to speed up domestic intelligence. The second is the smart home products and user needs to have a higher degree of fit, in order to improve market acceptance. The third is the need of enterprises to paybacks smart home market have more patience, haste makes waste will lead to quick success, you can not make the industry healthy development. Situation solve these problems, I believe Shenzhen high cross in a few days ago is called "high-tech industry benchmark," we have to understand, and clearer, detailed dynamic, also consider the current extremely hot go "online exhibition" Once exactly. December 16 to 17, the smart home industry's first online exhibition - "OFweek2015 Chinese smart home online exhibition" will be unveiled, covering the outstanding enterprises and representative of the smart home industry chain during the thorough, detailed and demonstrate innovative ideas The latest solutions. Moreover, over the same period will be held LED industry's first online exhibition --- "OFweek2015 China LED Lighting Online Exhibition", the same gathering of the industry's most representative companies and technologies, products and services. Thus, no need to travel back and forth each Tell me, staying at home to learn more about LED and smart home that is two different characteristics, but also the latest industry developments and trends interlocking.
            For has been changing and innovative LED lighting, at smart times' occasion recovery "has become a major way. Currently, LED lighting industry, intelligent and non-intelligent devices visible light, began to win the part of the market, and showed growth spurt. It is reported that in 2020, smart lighting overall market is expected to reach $ 8.14 billion, intelligent lighting LED lighting has become an important direction of industrial transformation and upgrading. One can imagine that the lighting market will usher in fierce competition. For lighting manufacturer and marketer, how to wash gold in emerging markets, has become a hot discussion topic. The good news constantly, the online exhibition on the same period in the two mentioned in front, that is, December 17, will be carried out with "Intelligent LED lighting development trend of the times" as the theme of the online voice seminar, OFweek Industry Research Center senior Industry analysts Dengkai Min will LED light source characteristics lighting applications are introduced, and the depth of the core of what intelligent control, lighting aspects of how embedded intelligence system and so on key issues. LED intelligent, more inseparable Things and cloud computing. People are not satisfied LED lighting basic functionality and economic benefits, but more computing technology combined with LED and advanced networking and cloud, to develop intelligent application of broader market. From the current situation of view, LED lighting and Things, cloud computing optimal combination of demonstration, is still on the intelligent home applications. Smart home nicely as an intermediate role will LED lighting and things combine to jointly promote the development of a variety of industries. Therefore, if a brilliant LED can usher in the next ten years, to some extent, depends on cross-cutting role of smart home and IOT maturity. That is, LED practitioners not only to understand the characteristics of their own industry, in the new situation and new era of innovative technologies and concepts emerging trends and characteristics related applications will also be one compulsory.
            In December 16 (still with the same period show OFweek two online) online seminar will be the voice of "IOT-based smart home system" as the theme, LED industry, the smart home industry practitioners can be in the Chinese Academy of Sciences Automation Research Institute researcher, director of Intelligent Perception and Control Research Center Li Xueen as next speaker, to understand the latest smart home technology trends, understand the function of a combination of intelligent home networking application of the concept, as well as multi-functional smart home system, composition, topology, communication protocol , multi-modal human-computer interaction, remote network monitoring and control, and system security and other key technical issues.
It is no exaggeration to say, two + two webinars online exhibition gluttonous feast, almost high-tech, intelligent field most of the essence of a clean sweep, this time on after the technology, products and the concept of baptism of industry, I believe that the benefits of Not only is the audience participants, all relevant LED industry, and even the development of intelligent home networking will get varying degrees of impetus. Summary terms, but only the LED industry itself can usher in the next "Golden X Years" is somewhat confined and closed all walks of life in today's compact deepening big situation, LED industry should focus on how to good and smart home, networking, as well as other important applications on the binding, in order to put an eye-opener, grasp each upcoming market opportunities in intelligent Great atmosphere, every year the "Stone Point for the gold. "
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