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What is the difference between 10 yuan and 100 yuan lights

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2015-11-26
           Shenzhen Risen OPTO Co.,Ltd,led RGB light supplier in china,LED RGB FLOOD Light with 24VAC Input Voltage,led lamp fixtures supplier.Many consumers will ask: the same fixture, why people sell 15 yuan and 115 yuan you sell? Although this is a sign you, but that does not mean so much more expensive, right?

In fact, the answer is obvious. You buy clothes, there are dozens of pieces, there are thousands of pieces that you wear to feel the next! What is the difference?

Differences of raw materials

10 a few lamps, or is made in the article on the material, or is the production process and cost savings, more than 100 are on the product itself fixtures or guaranteed, such as firing when the guaranteed time.

Then you go to the clothing store to buy clothes, with dozens of pieces is probably the simplest minimalist cloth, several thousand of cloth is absolutely excellent, some, or all kinds of animal fur (though not advocate talking about), but to say the truth this is the truth.

brand effect 

Can sell hundreds of thousands on a lamp, that is absolutely brand goods, is certainly not the general goods! So how to verify it? You go to Baidu under this brand, there will be a detailed description of it online, but also even reviews! Although the product of hundreds of thousands of lamps and lighting look the same! However, this is the most direct, brand!

In the shoe industry such as Adidas are 500 more than just a pair of shoes, the quality is good, but there are also worn the day. Another example is one pair of shoes Anta 361 or 200 or so, I think about the quality and Adidas, the key is the people of a vanity at work. Chinese people's pursuit for the brand, but also the growing surge, especially in first-tier cities.

Design differences

To sell a certain price luminaire manufacturers certainly have a product designer, the pursuit of lighting design itself: one in color design, the second is the function, the third is the mix, four are on the application, they have done a holistic Claim.

Usually there is no cheap designer lamps, lighting products are copied to the streets all the same brick used to sell cheap, to make quick money. Just like you buy clothes, expensive clothes stores, but they are limited edition, you can go to the street to buy clothes are everywhere Zhuangshan it.

Service difference

There is a certain value-added products, to provide comprehensive after-sales service, which is to support the brand and value. Generally a few dollars a lamp is not the time, nor do you go and after-sales costs, especially family-run shop selling lamps, no time to control your product out what the problem is. You buy clothes, such as leather shops to provide free maintenance service, this is the truth.

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